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With MOPE Funding, Glass…

Event Location : Glass Wall Systems, Hotel ITC Grand, Mumbai on 1st of August Glass Wall Systems ann

High performance facades

Buildings account for about 30% of India’s energy consumption, and considering estimates that 2/3r

Failures of Building Facades

Introduction Building envelope and along with it facade engineering is evolving with creative desig

The Diagrid

An Iconic, large, free flowing space being built at the ground floor of J W Marriott hotel in Kolkat

Facades with a Difference…

FunderMax’s rear ventilated facades potentially improve buildings protection against noise pollu

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WFM Media - Connecting Facade & Fenestration Industry Globally
“Our Focus is on…

The history of city of city of Delhi has seen it being built, ransacked and then rebuilt a number

“Quick Thinking, Fast Work…

A piece of News that has been doing rounds of Façade and Fenestration industry off late, is “LI

“It is Important to…

With a principal focus on constantly evolving products of high quality and lasting value, the stra

“In Search of Perfection”

“Mighty spirited in progressing from a 2 member team setup, in a small rental office premises to


Developing the most prestigious buildings of south India, from UB City to Shantiniketan, from the

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WFM Media - Connecting Facade & Fenestration Industry Globally
Green Fenestration Design

Knowing how to do things not just with the head, but with the hands as well, this might seem a progr