About Us

Our journey began in 2013 with the launch of the magazine Window and Façade, the bi-monthly publication. Window and Façade Magazine provides information on façade and fenestration materials, designs, trends, technologies, etc., along with other architectural and sustainability aspects. The magazine is committed to investigating the latest news, trends, products, and technologies, which make it a must-read for the members of the industry and design professionals. Effective distribution ensures that the magazine reaches the target audience, providing a cost-effective advertising platform for suppliers who cater to this continuously growing segment.

After years of publishing magazines specific to the façade and fenestration industry, we realized that it was near impossible for the print version to cover the vast information on the industry. Such is the information explosion, which leads us to initiate our work on a digital platform.
We created www.wfmmedia.com with the user’s perspective in mind. We wanted to offer a platform that would share knowledge and information on the façade and fenestration industry. We keep it simple, so users can focus on creating an amazing platform that caters to their requirements. One can get facts online, at the same time, can showcase their opinion and ideas. It is more or less like an open forum.

This platform is a consolidation of knowledge and expertise shared by the doyens in the industry over the years with our publications, events and exhibitions worldwide. It offers the latest information about products, technologies, designs, future trends, industry-focused news, research-based articles, and much more. There is no better place to keep yourself updated on the latest brands/ products/materials and their diverse applications.
The platform www.wfmmedia.com helps grow your knowledge and reach of architects, façade consultants, engineers, developers, builders and other industry members. It is a medium to expand your scope and to help reach manufacturers, importers & suppliers of products for the façade & fenestration industry.


Founded by Mr. Amit Malhotra, Leader and Founder of McCoy Group and Mr. Ahad Ahmed, Director, Zak Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd., the magazine Window and Façade and the portal www.wfmmedia.com have become a part of every industry member’s information arsenal. The domain expertise of Zak Group, who organises very successful events and exhibitions like Zak World of Windows, Zak World of Façades, Zak Doors Windows Expo, and Mccoy Group, having more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, has made it possible with our combined knowledge and experience to publish such technical materials with complete transparency and authenticity.


The platform www.wfmmedia.com does several things right

    • A portal, unlike any other, is exclusively for the industry members and its users
    • It establishes expertise
    • It claims originality. This site is “unique”
    • It emphasizes exclusivity
    • It covers the industry-specific content
    • It enriches your knowledge


This site was developed after seeing an increased need for information dissemination. It is the only fully-featured online portal for the façade and the fenestration industry. www.wfmmedia.com will enrich you with a broad range of information of interest and significance, which would enrich your fast-moving world of business… It will give you all the business news you need – when you need it.
Today, we’re proud to empower individuals and business owners around the world. Everyone deserves a platform for the industry and by the industry, and we’re excited to show what we have created.

USP of the Portal:

      • There is no better place to keep yourself updated on the latest technologies/ products/materials in the façade and fenestration market and their diverse applications.
      • Our rich comprehensive contents in our portal, we call it a knowledge bank, provide the most reliable information in the simplest and crispy way for our readers.
      • Understand market trends
      • Be informed on the latest in brands and their products, that help you make quick, efficient and informed decisions
      • The most effective medium to connect to your desired brand/expert quickly and easily


  • Network with thousands of business professionals
  • Expand into new markets
  • Find new business leads
  • Increase your revenue
  • The platform uses a business matching algorithm that automatically matches you with professionals interested in your products or services. You will receive frequent technical and material information, industry insight and emerging and current business opportunities.

WFM Media helps users to identify the key elements needed to carry out a building project efficiently and within budget constraints. It is seen as a source of extensive information for the members of the industry. There are educational materials on construction specialties that will help to make the best choices for an end-user or a buyer. It would also help every buyer to be aware of the businesses that are involved in the industry.

WFMMedia is becoming recognized as the “Digital Media Company of Choice” for many of the world’s largest brands by delivering high-quality content, videos, and social media content across multiple channels.

“Commitment is the key to excellence”. This is our motto and we do follow this in all aspects.


Amit Malhotra
Leader & Founder
Mccoy Group and F & F Media and Publications
Renu Rajaram
Chief Editor
F & F Media and Publications
Kapil Girotra
Manager Sales & Marketing
F & F Media and Publications
Shefali Bhist
Associate Editor
F & F Media and Publications
Mukesh Kumar Bhagat
Finance Head
F & F Media and Publications
Chandan Sharma
Graphic Designer
F & F Media and Publications
Tarun Bajaj
Digital Marketing
F & F Media and Publications
Devagya Behl
F & F Media and Publications