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Wienerberger Aspect Clay Facades

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Façade Challenges: A Vision of the Industry Status and Challenges Ahead

Introduction The façade industry is facing a crucial moment, as many other industries and in particular, the construction indu...

Quality with a difference. Setting standards of residential fenestration quality in India by YKK AP

Beautiful as it is, our IWIN-S window is designed for India with Japanese precision. The outer frame can be built into the structu...

Catastrophic Exterior Wall Fires in Highrise Buildings

Horrific fires involving the exterior walls of high-rise buildings have fueled debate over how to best mitigate rapid-fire progres...

Façade Designing and Material Selection for Fire-Safe Buildings

Façade designs and materials have improvised in the past years to meet the fire safety regulations in the Middle East. The façad...

Gold Plus Float Glass
Exterior Cladding: Design Principles and Material Choices

Cladding is one of the most important elements which ensures that the exterior of a building is protected from the elements of nat...

All About Façade Access

Importance Of Façade Access Architecture is constantly evolving with increasingly challenging building envelopes and maintainabi...

“Use Right Hardware for the Right Applications”

Important Hardware for Doors and Windows Apart from the standard model of single-point locking with Cockspur Handles, PVC-U doors...

Wienerberger’s Aspect Clay Ventilated Façade systems

Aspect Clay Ventilated Façade systems offered by Wienerberger provides the architect with the opportunity to experiment with colo...

AkzoNobel’s Enhanced Powder Coating Puts Emphasis on Hygiene

Increased demand for products that can improve hygiene has prompted AkzoNobel, one of the leading brands making paints and coating...

Bombay House Fort, Mumbai

The project, Bombay House, involved the restoration and redesign of a Grade II heritage building. As the corporate headquarters of...

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TekTalk with Sanjay Pant Head Civil Engineering Division, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

A Candid Interview with Mr. Sanjay Pant Head Civil Engineering Division, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), on BIS Standards, recommended Tests and Technical Specifications for Window & Door Products....

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Plast One uPVC Windows and Doors


Ralf Steinhauer (Director - Middle-East & North Africa)

Ralf Steinhauer has over 18 years of professional experience in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe and showcases extensive more

Frank Goudman (Export Sales Director)

Frank Goudman is a Belgian engineer in civil building graduating in 1988. Ever since he has been active in the more

Anees Backer (Managing Partner)

Anees Backer leads the Priedemann India Pvt Ltd and Façade-Lab India Pvt. Ltd. as the Managing Director and is a more

Juan Tena Florez (Regional Digital Design Manager)

Juan Tena Florez is the Senior Digital Design Manager (M.Arch) with 16 years of professional experience (7 years in Middle more

Abdullah Bani Awwad (Project Director)

Abdullah Bani Awwad is a PMP certified project management, Master degree in Industrial Engineering from Jordan University of Science & more

Faimeen F. Shah (Managing Director)

Faimeen F. Shah is a Chartered Professional Engineer (Fire Safety) and Fellow with The Institution of Engineers Australia. He has more

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Structural Glass for Unique All-Glass Constructions

Minimalist, maximum transparency, large glass formats, amazing attention to detail – those are the

“Our Products are Inspired by International Designs, but are Priced for the Indian Pockets”

Please tell us about your company Geeta Aluminium, and yourself? How long you have been in this busi

Gold Plus Float Glass
Energy Harvesting Façades

Construction industry is a huge contributor to environmental degradation worldwide. According to the

Fire Safety of Façades : Need for Fire Safe Designs & Performance Testing

A Holistic Approach To Fire Safe Facades Façade is one of the most vulnerable elements of a buildi

Getting the Most Value from Your Façade Engineer

It is the facade of a building that brings an architect’s vision to life, however a building’s s

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Symbolism through Diversity “Reflecting Cultures on a Bigger Canvas”

Lycée Libanais Francophone Privé (LLFP) is a Lebanese school with a French system located in Dubai

“RSP is all about Re-Imagining Design and Introducing New Ways for People to Enjoy Commonly Used Spaces”

RSP is a well-known name in the architecture field. What makes you one of the leaders in the field?

Why the Middle East is ‘Hot’ for Renson

Could you please share the journey of Renson with our readers? Established in 1909, Renson is a B

“A Well-Designed Curtain Wall is the One that Connects All Points on the Magic Triangle of Cost, Quality, and Time”

What are the key elements of curtain walling systems? The curtain wall system is a non-load-bearing

Yale Launches Linus®, a Smart Lock with the Perfect Balance of Form and Function

The new Linus® Smart Lock from Yale allows its users to lock and unlock their door - no matter wher

Effective Curtain Walls for Longer Life of Buildings

A curtain wall is a nonstructural exterior covering of a building that is connected to the frame and


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the use of a shared digital representation of a built asset

CW & Window Façade Design Criteria Guideline

Façade is an elegant component that shows unique architectural aesthetics of the building as well a

The UAE Approach to Mitigate Façade Fire Risk in Tall Buildings

BACKGROUND There have been numerous fires involving buildings with combustible cladding not just

“Our unique business model is a first in this industry and has been the key to our success”

Please tell us about your company Fenesta, and yourself? How long the company has been in this busin

Better Fenestration for Future Buildings

In the realm of architecture, the building envelope or the façade is increasingly becoming the most

Effective Fenestration Through Improved Designs & Systems

Efficient buildings are designed to provide occupants with a comfortable, safe, and healthy living a

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