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Façade Challenges: A Vision of the Industry Status and Challenges Ahead

Introduction The façade industry is facing a crucial moment, as many other industries and in particular, the construction indu...

Quality with a difference. Setting standards of residential fenestration quality in India by YKK AP

Beautiful as it is, our IWIN-S window is designed for India with Japanese precision. The outer frame can be built into the structu...

Catastrophic Exterior Wall Fires in Highrise Buildings

Horrific fires involving the exterior walls of high-rise buildings have fueled debate over how to best mitigate rapid-fire progres...

Façade Designing and Material Selection for Fire-Safe Buildings

Façade designs and materials have improvised in the past years to meet the fire safety regulations in the Middle East. The façad...

AlStone: Leading ACP Sheet Manufacturer in India
Exterior Cladding: Design Principles and Material Choices

Cladding is one of the most important elements which ensures that the exterior of a building is protected from the elements of nat...

All About Façade Access

Importance Of Façade Access Architecture is constantly evolving with increasingly challenging building envelopes and maintainabi...

“Use Right Hardware for the Right Applications”

Important Hardware for Doors and Windows Apart from the standard model of single-point locking with Cockspur Handles, PVC-U doors...

Wienerberger’s Aspect Clay Ventilated Façade systems

Aspect Clay Ventilated Façade systems offered by Wienerberger provides the architect with the opportunity to experiment with colo...

AkzoNobel’s Enhanced Powder Coating Puts Emphasis on Hygiene

Increased demand for products that can improve hygiene has prompted AkzoNobel, one of the leading brands making paints and coating...

Bombay House Fort, Mumbai

The project, Bombay House, involved the restoration and redesign of a Grade II heritage building. As the corporate headquarters of...

Encraft uPVC Doors and Windows

TekTalk with Sanjay Pant Head Civil Engineering Division, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

A Candid Interview with Mr. Sanjay Pant Head Civil Engineering Division, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), on BIS Standards, recommended Tests and Technical Specifications for Window & Door Products....

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Plast One uPVC Windows and Doors


Johny Isaac (Resident Architect)

Johny Isaac is a Resident Architect/Sr. Architect with close to twenty years of experience in architectural design and execution of more

Naresh V Narasimhan (Architect & Managing Partner)

Naresh V Narasimhan is a practitioner and leader with over 35 years of experience in architecture and urban design. He more

Milind Pai (Principal Architect)

Milind Pai established the firm Milind Pai – Architects & Interior Designers in 1988, after graduating from Sir J.J. College. more

Aparna Nair (Specification Manager - Middle East)

Aparna Nair is an architect, working as specification manager for SageGlass by Saint Gobain, handling one of the most innovative more

Dr. Prashanth Reddy (Managing Director)

Dr. Prashanth Reddy has done his BE in Mechanical, MBA in Marketing and has also completed his PhD. He has more

Ar. Gurpreet Shah (Principal Architect)

Ar Gurpreet Shah, Principal Architect and Urban Designer, Creative Group has valuable insight into the allied aspects of airport design more

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Structural Glass for Unique All-Glass Constructions

Minimalist, maximum transparency, large glass formats, amazing attention to detail – those are the

“Our Products are Inspired by International Designs, but are Priced for the Indian Pockets”

Please tell us about your company Geeta Aluminium, and yourself? How long you have been in this busi

AlStone: Leading ACP Sheet Manufacturer in India
Energy Harvesting Façades

Construction industry is a huge contributor to environmental degradation worldwide. According to the

Fire Safety of Façades : Need for Fire Safe Designs & Performance Testing

A Holistic Approach To Fire Safe Facades Façade is one of the most vulnerable elements of a buildi

Getting the Most Value from Your Façade Engineer

It is the facade of a building that brings an architect’s vision to life, however a building’s s

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Webinar on Door Industry – what’s new, what’s next | Canadian Wood

Canadian Wood hosts a webinar on Door Industry as part of its WOODINNOVATIONS series. In continua

Significance of Screen-Façade in UAE

The key function of the building envelope is to reciprocate with the surrounding environment. Achiev

“Innovation has Always been Fundamental to Our Practice”

A Candid interview with Naresh V Narasimhan, Architect & Managing Partner, Venkataramanan Associ

Innovative Glass & Glazing Solutions for Façades & Fenestrations

Glass has made its way as a wonder material and deep inroads in the building industry. It has revamp

“Smart Glasses are a Revolution in the Glazing Industry”

What is a window / facade glazing and why is it important? Windows and façades are the elements of

Glass for Fenestration & Cladding

Glass is a versatile material that has been used in architecture for a long time. It is due to its t

Need for Skylights & Effective Fenestration

Buildings are the largest users of energy and are also our greatest opportunity for energy conservat

Tribute to an Unsung Hero – The Window

In the most recent times, we have all at some point been left feeling boxed up thanks to the pandemi

Fundermax Corporate Office, Bengaluru

Like all passionate projects, this one too has an interesting backstory. For one, this pertains to t

Intelligent and Adaptive Façade Design

Nature by its foreface offers enormous resources to support the comfortable existence of the dweller

Aludecor Presents the Antibacterial-Antiviral ACPs

The pandemic continues to disturb everyday lives worldwide. Studies indicate that the novel coronavi

Podium Designs

High-rise building façades have their own set of challenges of wind and execution difficulties and

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