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Wienerberger Aspect Clay Facade

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Wasl Tower – Reinventing Clay for High-Rise Façade

A New Kind Of High-Rise For Dubai In 2013, UNStudio, in collaboration with Werner Sobek, was invited by the wasl Development Grou...

Trends in Architectural Hardware in the Middle East

Door hardware makes up a relatively small investment cost relative to the overall estimated cost of a project. But then again door...

Avoiding Façade Warranty Problems

The building envelope typically has a greater footprint than the actual building which it protects and therefore accounts for 25-4...

Flexible Doors and Windows by ENCRAFT

ENCRAFT, a renowned name in the façade and fenestration industry, offers a wide range of doors and windows in the market. All the...

AIS Unveils a First of its Kind AR App in the Glass Industry

Asahi India Glass Ltd, India’s one of the leading automotive and building glass company, has introduced AR (augmented reality) f...

Façade Designs: Integrating Glass and Other Traditional Building Materials

In the contemporary architectural scenario, with the easy availability of large format structural glass, the tendency of indiscrim...

Fire Safety Glass : Clearing Up your View with Fire-Rated Frames

As modern buildings continue to rise around the Middle East, the increasing presence of glass is hard to ignore. Efficient cooling...

Renson Fixscreen celebrates its 15th anniversary

The Renson Fixscreen sunprotection has celebrated its 15th anniversary on 15th January at the Polyclose exhibition in Ghent, toget...

HALIO Smart-Tinting Glass System makes the building smarter and more efficient

Halio glass has a light transmission value of 65%. With a colour rendering index of 97 in its clear state, it is a completely neut...

Creating a Distinctive Identity through the Integration of Building Engineering Systems & Technologies with Architectural Design

Tell us about the advancement in facade design technologies and materials in the past 5 years? There has been an exponential grow...

Gold Plus Float Glass

Webinar on Designing and Building High Rise & Ventilated Rainscreen Façades powered by Fischer

Watch the complete video recorded session of our first Webinar for the Middle East region to brush up your knowledge on Designing and Building High Rise & Ventilated Rainscreen Façades powered by Fischer Middle East This exclusive webinar has featured experts viz. Agnes Koltay, CEO & Director from Koltay Façades and Mostafa Elhosseiny, Technical Manager & Muzaffer Ahmed Regional Manager – Firestop from Fischer Middle East....

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Plast One uPVC Windows and Doors


Prashant Deshmukh (Principal Architect)

Prashant Deshmukh is a Principal Architect at Prashant Deshmukh & Associates, Pune.

Monnanda Appaiah (Managing Director)

Monnanda Appaiah has over two decades of experience in the manufacturing space. He started his career with the Canadian multinational, more

Ar. Pushyamitra Londhe (Senior Associate Architect)

Pushyamitra Londhe has been a practising Architect for the last 22 years at Architect Hafeez Contractor as Senior Associate Architect. more

Reymann Muana Buscato (Senior Architect)

Reymann Muana Buscato is a Senior Architect at U+A Architects, an international multidisciplinary office for contemporary architecture, planning and interior design. 

Joaquin Perez Goicoechea (Principal & Founding Partner)

Joaquin Perez-Goicoechea is the Principal & Founding Partner, AGi architects. He received a Masters in Advanced Studies from Escuela Tecnica more

Tony Rofail (Director and Principal)

Tony Rofail has 33 years’ combined experience as both researcher and consultant in wind engineering, including 30 years with Windtech more

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Structural Glass for Unique All-Glass Constructions

Minimalist, maximum transparency, large glass formats, amazing attention to detail – those are the

The Transformation of Building Envelopes in the Middle East

The Status Quo The contemporary perception of building envelopes in terms of design and function ha

Material Driven Futuristic Facade Systems

Building skins and façades have a multitude of roles and functions. On one hand, they provide a vis

Energy Harvesting Façades

Construction industry is a huge contributor to environmental degradation worldwide. According to the

Fire Safety of Façades : Need for Fire Safe Designs & Performance Testing

A Holistic Approach To Fire Safe Facades Façade is one of the most vulnerable elements of a buildi

Getting the Most Value from Your Façade Engineer

It is the facade of a building that brings an architect’s vision to life, however a building’s s

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What are the 4 key trends in exterior wall cladding? Cladding, besides decorative appeal, is bene

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In an interview with Monnanda Appaiah Managing Director at Wienerberger India, he spoke about his co

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The 42 rises to be one of the tallest building in India and the tallest in the east of India. The en

Exterior Cladding: Design Principles and Material Choices

Cladding is one of the most important elements which ensures that the exterior of a building is prot

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What are the latest trends in cladding materials? The current trends in cladding materials based in

Designing Climate- Responsive Architecture

Ali Mohammed T. Al-Ghanim Clinic, Kuwait Ali Mohammed T. Al-Ghanim Clinic building stands as a pion

Fire Safety – The British Cladding Fire Test Gets Revised

The Grenfell Tragedy in 2017 which shook the United Kingdom and the world brought the spotlight on t

Thermal Transmittance (U-Value) – The Real Value

The Price Of Under-Performance The European Commission launched legal action against seven nation

Façades & Skylights: Post-Covid

Owners, engineers, and contractors of façades and roofs envelopes shall adapt to post-COVID circums

Fischer Cast-In Channel with ETA Approval

As a leading supplier of secure and economic construction fixings, the fischer Group of Companies is

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