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Future Belongs to Sustainable Windows

By: Amir Hashmi, profine India Window Technology Pvt. Ltd.

The world is going through a time, where mankind is struggling hard to create a balance between environment & lifestyle. Our environment has reached a level where it has become mandatory for us to develop and use products that are sustainable in nature & helps in reviving the environment where our future generations can live happily.

If we see most parts of the world, infrastructural development is at pace and there is a huge scope for further development. It states that more construction and associated material are required which will harm nature if the material is not eco-friendly or non- recyclable. In the past 100 years, we have consumed a lot of natural resources, which can not be created again.

profine Group, a German company, is a globally renowned name in the fenestration industry producing sustainable uPVC window and door systems. Sustainability has always been at the core of business strategy and the company considers this as the USP and our contribution to nature. The brand “Koemmerling” has been in the business of PVC products since 1897, when Karl Koemmerling established the company.

Over the past 60-70 years uPVC has become popular and one of the dominating materials for sustainable window and door systems, especially in the developed nations. Estimates suggest that these systems account for nearly three out of every four residential replacement windows installed in the Western world, due to their minimal maintenance, energy efficiency and durability advantages.

In the past two decades, uPVC windows have established its strong footprints in India as well, Koemmerling started its India operations in 2004 and became one of the major players in the Indian fenestration industry. It’s been a remarkable journey for uPVC in India, initially when uPVC window & door systems were introduced, people were not heard of these systems. The response was not convincing, people were hesitant due to reasons like uPVC was considered just a plastic, its structural performance was in doubt. The second reason was price & supply, as only one or two players were supplying these windows in the market. Slowly but steadily, brands like Koemmerling have been successful in creating awareness about these advanced and sustainable window and door systems.

In these two decades, if we see the growth of uPVC its been one of the major contributors to the fenestration industry. There are multiple reasons for the growth like aesthetic appeal, excellent surface finish, multiple colour options to match the interior/ exterior of any building, perfect installation with zero air and water leakage, high sound insulation, and excellent thermal insulation. Moreover, these technically advanced window and door systems require minimal to zero maintenance over their long service life. Such appealing advantages have helped these window and door systems gain popularity and give a fresh outlook to the Indian fenestration industry.


As a leading uPVC profile manufacturer, Koemmerling has expert knowledge of uPVC composition with the right blend of PVC, impact modifier, TiO2, processing aids, filler (CaCo3), and stabilizers. The composition of this unique formulation is 100% lead-free. Sustainability is an integral part of the brand “Koemmerling”, which takes what it calls a ‘holistic approach’. Koemmerling symbolizes the future which was, is, and will remain a key driver for innovation and material that is 100% recyclable and committed towards zero carbon footprints. Since uPVC is naturally an energy-efficient material, we make sure our product achieves optimum energy saving through advanced engineering. Multi-chambered profiles, professional fabrication, and installation leave no possibility for air leakage and with the use of special glasses, these systems help in achieving outstanding thermal insulation which further assists in energy conservation. With the increasing popularity of uPVC, the rate of cutting down forest for the fabrication of windows and doors have come down significantly. There is a huge demand for uPVC window and door systems in the replacement market.

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Amir Hashmi, profine India Window Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

Amir Hashmi is a mechanical engineer with a poised professional career of three decades in the field of sales and marketing, serving the public and private sectors. He has been successful in creating a market for Koemmerling uPVC window and door systems which was new to the fenestration industry a decade ago. His expertise has played an instrumental role in establishing uPVC as a product for the future and gaining trust in the Indian market and has an impactful contribution to the brand value. Earlier during his public sector tenure, he was constructive and successful in promoting MSME sector in the Indian and international markets and establishing their footprints to flourish.

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