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Revolutionizing Urban Landscapes: Innovative Architectural Narratives

By: Paras Netragaonkar, Shilpi Architects and Planners

A Mixed-Use High-Rise Building at Kothrud, Pune

This mixed-use high-rise building at the prime location of Kothrud is strategically positioned to connect the old heritage core of Pune to suburban areas like Baner, Balewadi, and Hinjewadi. Kothrud is a prominent locality in Pune, known for its historical significance and modern development.

  • Being near the old heritage core of Pune, the area is rich in cultural heritage and traditional charm.
  • The convenience of connectivity to these suburban areas makes it an attractive location for both residential and commercial purposes.


  • The presence of a mixed-use building showcasing contemporary architecture is indeed a wonderful addition to the cultural hub of Kothrud
  • Such a building not only complements the local culture but also enhances the overall ambiance and heritage value of the area.
High-Rise Building at Kothrud, Pune
Using brick as a cladding material in a mixed-use building can indeed showcase a harmonious blend of cultural heritage, community engagement, and sustainable design principles


  • The use of earthy colors, especially the orange color, in the façade elements of the high-rise building in Kothrud is a deliberate choice to depict and represent the local culture and create a visual connection to the surroundings.
  • Brick has been a traditional building material in many regions, including Kothrud.
  • Using brick cladding not only adds a touch of rustic charm but also pays homage to the heritage and historical architecture of the area. Exposed bricks also add a distinct character to a structure.

Biophilic – Green Architecture

This mixed-use building respects and adheres to the traditional culture of the city.

The concept is biophilic –green architecture is a step towards sustainability which emphasises the connection between a structure and nature.

Biophilic – Green Architecture
The goal is to create a harmonious relationship between the built environment and the natural world, resulting in numerous benefits for occupants and the surrounding ecosystem

A green commercial building that incorporates cultural aspects recognises the importance of cultural identity, community engagement, and the integration of local traditions and practices. In this typology, the design of the façade changes as per the activity of the specific floor.

While the façade of the two blocks depicts an educational hub, one of the blocks is dedicated to the recreational space thus emphasising culture & tradition.

(Ar. Paras Netragaonkar, Urbanist, Architect and landscape Designer, Shilpi Architects)

A Commercial Office Hub

A Commercial Office Hub
The design philosophy aims to create a refreshing and inviting space that fosters creativity, productivity, and a positive experience
  • The philosophy of this commercial office hub is a combination of colourful glass used as a cladding material that promises a visually stunning and modern façade.
  • The combination of colourful glass, geometry, balance, harmony, clean lines, and green elements results in a unique and attractive commercial office hub.
  • It offers an opportunity to infuse creativity, branding, and a distinct identity into the design while emphasising transparency and daylighting for an inviting and productive workspace. However, the design should also address energy efficiency and contextual integration to ensure a well-balanced and sustainable solution.

Public Spaces Catering to Several Activities

The goal is to create an inviting and enjoyable space that complements the food offerings and entices visitors to explore the food plaza
  • Owing to its location, the project aims to bring the unorganised sector of street food under one roof with efficiently designed public spaces catering to several activities like seating, play area, jogging, etc.
  • According to Indian tradition (Maharashtra), a special day feast should include panch pakvannas (5 sweets), we introduced this concept in this proposal to welcome people where they can celebrate every day as a festival.
  •  Use of continuous colorful lines creating rhythmic patterns and a cheerful atmosphere for the food plaza.

Public Spaces Catering to Several Activities

(Ar. Paras Netragaonkar, Urbanist, Architect and landscape Designer, Shilpi Architects)

Paras Netragaonkar, Shilpi Architects and Planners

Urbanist, Architect and Landscape, Designer

Ar. Paras Netragaonkar is the Principal Architect of the design firm ‘Shilpi Architects & Planners’ at Pune. He is also the Chairman of Pimpri Chinchwad Centre. Shilpi Architects and Planners have taken great initiative to enhance human experience through the architectural spaces around the country. In the year 2000, the firm Shilpi Architects & Planners was established in Pune. The firm designed some renowned landscape projects including those for P.C.M.C. They covered a different range of projects like – institutional, low-rise, high-rise housing, commercial projects and landscape projects. Their projects also include mixed-use and redevelopment projects. In the past five years, they have designed some prestigious and luxurious apartments, commercials, mixed-use, and redevelopment, theme parks, urban squares, temple complexes, food courts, urban parks, etc. The design firm is sustained by a true passion for work and is able to communicate that passion to its clients. They have a natural feel for space and dimensions and are able to see structures in their mind’s eye before the project has even started.

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