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The Beauty of THE ONE’S FACADE – A New Architectural Landmark Icon in Canada


Mizrahi Developments has recently unveiled The One in Toronto, a project set to soar to a remarkable height of 91 stories upon completion, securing its position as Canada’s tallest building. The distinct façade system of this architectural marvel is being furnished by BM WINDOWS – a Vietnamese façade brand with deep ties to an array of iconic projects within the nation.

Rising Above the Skyline: The One Project’s Magnificence

Canada's Tallest Building The ONE'S FACADEConsistently ranked among the world’s most livable cities for multiple successive years, Toronto has established itself as a hub of economic and cultural vitality. It is distinguished by its vibrant diversity and its aspirations towards progressive lifestyle standards. Embarking on two decades of splendid development, Toronto has been adorned with impressive skyscrapers, among which The One holds a prominent position. Often compared to a commanding crown gracing the city’s skyline, this towering ‘landmark’ stands at 91 stories, reaching a soaring height of 328.4 meters.

Mizrahi Developments has meticulously nurtured this architectural masterpiece, overseeing everything from the selection of design partners to the sourcing of finishing materials for its facade. Renowned global architectural firm Foster + Partners has brought forth an unmistakably distinctive identity to The One, and BM Windows – a Vietnamese facade contractor – has become a supplier and producer of facade modules for the project. One of the most striking features of “The One” is its Spandrel location, boasting an innovative architectural blend of horizontal louver systems and overhanging glass walls. Such intricate details require the touch of a master craftsman, and BM Windows has proven itself more than capable of rising to the occasion.

A Journey to Architectural Brilliance: Where Rigorous Criteria Meet High Volume

Canada's Tallest Building The ONE'S FACADE
Canada’s Tallest Building The ONE’S FACADE

With a production capacity of up to 2,000,000m2/year from the only LEED-certified Aluminum and Glass Factory in Vietnam, along with a track record of delivering numerous prestigious unitized system projects, BM WINDOWS has entirely convinced the Mizrahi Investors of their team’s capabilities and commitment.

At the heart of The One’s architectural brilliance lies its distinctive design, incorporating large panels measuring 1.2mx3.3m that create a captivating visual impact. Adding to its uniqueness, the project features special panels strategically positioned in specific locations, boasting dimensions of up to 1.2mx6m, further accentuating its grandeur and sophistication.

To achieve its status as a luxurious project in North America, The One adheres to stringent standards, including AAMA and ASTM requirements, ensuring every aspect of the construction reflects top-notch quality and excellence. BM WINDOWS, with its unwavering commitment to precision and expertise in the window and façade industry, will skillfully meet and surpass these exacting criteria.

For this project, BM Windows will manufacture over 38 different types of panels, totalling more than 7,000 unitized panels. The entire façade system produced by BM Windows undergoes rigorous scrutiny from ASTM International – the American Society for Testing and Materials, meeting the demands of Canada’s harsh temperate climate that can drop to as low as -18°C, withstanding wind pressures of up to 4.0kPa at elevated heights, alongside criteria for structural integrity, building displacement, insulation, soundproofing, airtightness, and high durability. Each panel is meticulously crafted with precision, ensuring perfect fit and alignment, as the façade becomes a testament to BM WINDOWS’ technical mastery and dedication to excellence.

More than just a tower, The One stands as an artistic ode to modern architecture. When this project takes its place among the grandeur of Toronto’s skyline, BM Windows is poised to leave an indelible mark in Canada and around the world.

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