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The Sun Tower Vietnam – Infusing National Spirit into Facade Design


Being considered a new symbol of HCM City, Vietnam, The Sun Tower, developed in the Ba Son area in District 1, is one of the three largest office complexes in the city with six-star services reserved for the upper class. The façade of the project also demonstrates the symbolic value of the project with stylized stairs in the air. At the project, BM WINDOWS has constructed the high-end façade and the LED lighting system, providing an excellent office environment in the center of the city.

Sun Tower Facade

The Works by BM Windows are firmly recognized as affirmations of high class and outstanding quality. The Sun Tower masterpiece can bring the spirit of the age through its elegant stylized stairs in the air.

Playing a strategic role in shaping urban development, The Sun Tower is brought to life by a consortium of leading names: Two G for architectural design, DPF as façade consultant, Mace for project management, and operated to a 5-star standard by Marriott International.

With a proven track record of over 550 successful projects, including Viettel Headquarters, Lotte Mall, Hilton Saigon, IFC One, and more, BM Windows proudly stands alongside these industry giants as the chosen aluminium and glass façade contractor, adding to the project’s world-class symbolic significance.

Exterior Facade of the Sun Tower Project
Exterior Facade of the Sun Tower Project

Not only famous for its towering height and top-notch team, The Sun is also renowned for its unique design, this architectural marvel is not just an impressive skyscraper but a homage to the nation’s identity, ingeniously woven into its design. As a country that has risen from agricultural development, terraced fields are an iconic image of Vietnam.

With their talent, architects have reimagined the image of terraced fields, incorporating it into the design of this modern skyscraper amidst the bustling metropolis. The image of the tower rising proudly, with its uniquely designed facade starting from the 43rd floor, creates an exceptional identity for The Sun Tower. Both modern and imbued with the national spirit, The Sun Tower will become a new symbol of Vietnamese architecture upon completion.

Visual Mockup of The Sun Project at BM WINDOWS Factory
Visual Mockup of The Sun Project at BM WINDOWS Factory

This facade has also posed a challenging puzzle to materialize, which BM WINDOWS studied and found the optimal solution to execute the design most accurately from the blueprint to the actual site.

Accordingly, a unitized system will be used for the tower block, and at the transition floors, BM WINDOWS will employ a strip window system combined with decorative aluminium cladding to create a stepping effect resembling terraced fields between floors.

Moreover, the podium and networking areas boast a striking façade lighting system, showcasing mesmerizing colour displays. As a testament to its commitment to sustainability, The Sun Tower is built to LEED Gold standards, underscoring the optimization of product systems and construction methods for maximum efficiency and energy consumption reduction.

The first facade panels of The Sun Tower`Project`
The first panels of The Sun Tower

The Sun Tower marks a significant milestone in BM WINDOWS’ pursuit of world-class projects. Being part of this iconic endeavour serves as motivation and an opportunity for BM WINDOWS to establish itself as a credible domestic brand constantly pushing its capacity to reach new heights of achievement.

As The Sun Tower takes shape, it symbolizes more than just a monumental architectural achievement; it encapsulates the nation’s spirit, innovation, and the harmonious marriage of tradition and modernity. This edifice, born from both architectural brilliance and cultural reverence, is poised to etch its presence in the ever-evolving tapestry of Vietnamese architecture, inviting all to witness and partake in the spirit of a nation’s progress.

Facade Design of The Sun Tower Project by BM Windows

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