Paras Netragaonkar

Urbanist, Architect and Landscape, Designer

Ar. Paras Netragaonkar is the Principal Architect of the design firm ‘Shilpi Architects & Planners’ at Pune. He is also the Chairman of Pimpri Chinchwad Centre. Shilpi Architects and Planners have taken great initiative to enhance human experience through the architectural spaces around the country. In the year 2000, the firm Shilpi Architects & Planners was established in Pune. The firm designed some renowned landscape projects including those for P.C.M.C. They covered a different range of projects like – institutional, low-rise, high-rise housing, commercial projects and landscape projects. Their projects also include mixed-use and redevelopment projects. In the past five years, they have designed some prestigious and luxurious apartments, commercials, mixed-use, and redevelopment, theme parks, urban squares, temple complexes, food courts, urban parks, etc. The design firm is sustained by a true passion for work and is able to communicate that passion to its clients. They have a natural feel for space and dimensions and are able to see structures in their mind’s eye before the project has even started.

Articles By Paras Netragaonkar