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The Drive for Innovation is Going to Create Wider Technology & Brand Awareness

By: Dr. H.C. Mario Schmidt, Lingel Windows & Doors Technologies Private Limited

A great testimony to our Indian fenestration industry is that the organised market segment is rapidly growing. Every year, new uPVC system providers are set up and the existing players are adding additional capabilities. As of this date, we have 30+ uPVC extrusion companies, and overall, at least 150 extrusion lines are in place. Also, the organised aluminium market has seen significant growth over the last couple of years, with big potential for future growth. As a positive consequence, the hardware market and the fenestration industry keep growing at the same speed, and both have a very positive situation with a great future forecast.

We need to accept that the hardware market across the globe is very conservative with almost zero willingness for innovation. The same sad situation is seen in India. Most of the hardware items sold were available in the same design 20 years ago, and I’m afraid that the same design will continue in the future too. Looking at the car industry, how the handles of the car doors have evolved during the last two decades, where all the new cars are getting mostly delivered with concealed handles only.

I’m of the strong opinion that all the profile systems providers (aluminium and PVC) need to work more closely with the hardware industry so that a trendsetting excitement is being created where each of the industry members is pushing and supporting each other. We, at Lingel, had designed the world’s first Wi-Fi-controlled window hardware system, SMARTLI, but the wide launch is yet awaited due to the non-assurance that the constant wifi signal is going to reach each part of the house or window. The innovation at that time was co-financed by the German investment bank DEG and KFW. The moment, 100% assurance of WiFi signals is guaranteed, our product is going to be a big game changer.

Need for Standardisation and Certification of the Products

Lingel Venus Handle soft line series | Mercury handles soft line series
Lingel Venus Handle soft line series | Mercury handles soft line series

The word standardisation should be identified with creating performance test standards that are widely going to benefit all consumers. When each product needs to undergo the actual performance test, it is essential to be done under the same quality standards. For e.g., – Testing cycles like operation force to open and close a window or to start the movement of a sliding door or window The surface testing of the hardware needs to be done based on the same parameters considering that India has various climatic zones. Rusting of MS-coated hardware items is a big concern in all coastal areas. The powder coating process on all cast handle items needs to be very precise to avoid the coating, colour, or paint peeling off after a few months or within less than 5 years of installation.

We, as Lingel, are already offering all residential projects – houses, villas and flats – an unconditional 5-year warranty and free replacement. This commitment stands for all the climatic zones of India, including the coastal areas. Also, I can proudly confirm that for each Lingel window installed in India, even when the warranty period is over, our team provides replacement and service opportunities. Most of our door and window hinges, as well as handles, are designed ourselves along with our industry partners, to assure that aesthetics and long-lasting product demands merge. But generally, I’m of the strong opinion that each hardware item needs to be reviewed and service needs to be provided till the end of its lifespan. The industry is yet to set up affordable IOT versions matching the demands and needs of consumers in today’s world.

Industry Forecast

The drive for innovation is going to create wider technology and brand awareness. My request would be to keep the topic of IOT as high as possible.

Dr. H.C. Mario Schmidt, Lingel Windows & Doors Technologies Private Limited

Managing Director

Mario Schmidt is the Managing Director of Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Private Limited. Besides establishing the company and making it one of the top 10 companies in India, he has helped in creating new windows like Smart Windows. He is the President of uPVC Window Manufacturers Association (uWDMA). Mario Schmidt is a voracious reader and an orator, who can speak on varied topics related to the industry. He has been a part of various panels and has expressed his views on various forums related to the industry. His intense knowledge of the product and vast experience in the field has helped foray and make a mark in the market. He has actively participated as a panellist at various events and has been actively associated with events like ZAK.

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