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Role of Modern Aluminium Door and Window Systems in Today’s World

By: Kamal Bajaj, AluPure Aluminium Window and Door Systems

A home is a matter of social image, the way your home is being built and maintained reflects one’s passion and how well you are connected with your family. It is one of the most important decisions of one’s life to invest hard-earned money in building or reconstructing a home. There are a couple of important things apart from civil work related to the interior part which involves colour, lighting, furniture, etc. Normally people give good attention to such things but forget to think about one of the most important components of a home, which is doors and windows.

People want modern architecture and interiors for their homes but usually opt for conventional doors and windows, due to the lack of awareness about modern and innovative door and window systems and their contribution to the building. Windows and Doors are not just related to entrance, ventilation, and natural light but they have a bigger role to play in this modern world. Let’s talk about what modern and innovative window and door systems can bring into your lifestyle. For a common person, the first thing that comes to the mind is appearance of windows and doors and how well they gel with the architecture of the building, but their contribution is way beyond this.

Now modern and innovative windows and doors can offer advantages like sound insulation, a dust-free environment, zero water penetration, etc. There are many factors to consider when choosing windows and doors for your house like material, style, surface finish, colour options to match the interior/exterior, durability in all weather conditions, security and ease of maintenance. Let’s take a look at the factors in a detailed way.

The Material

If you want to make the perfect choice in terms of strength, performance and durability, aluminium is a great option to embrace for the quality of windows and doors. Aluminium is a durable material and resistant to corrosion and easily endures harsh weather conditions. Owing to specialised powder coating and anodizing, aluminium windows and doors hold onto their surface finish throughout their service life. Whether you live in arid regions, coastal regions or cold regions, aluminium is the ideal weatherproof material. Aluminium can withstand harsh weather conditions in high winds, extreme heat, torrential rains and snowfall.

Style and Colour Options

For a couple of years, India has been witnessing demand for premium doors and windows having bigger panels and slim profiles that not only look stylish but also offer wider openings with smooth movement. These bigger doors are the perfect solution for large opening areas i.e. balconies or living areas connecting to the garden or swimming pool area. These doors are considered premium and enhance the aesthetics of your home. The slim profiles used in these bigger doors can accommodate glass ranges from 8 to 36 mm in thickness. Various glass thicknesses solve the purpose of insulation i.e. thermal and sound. The performance of the system depends upon the engineering done for the design, this is where a good brand has an edge over other system providers.

Modern Aluminium Door and Window SystemsThese advanced door and window systems are also helpful in various other aspects like tight sealing to prevent dust inside your home, the option of fly mesh to get ventilation while protecting from bugs and mosquitoes, zero water penetration, etc. Another advantage of these systems is that they are tested for structural performance, which shows the strength of systems against wind load and is apt to areas prone to storms and cyclones.

Not just sliding but there is a good demand for casement systems, which remain in demand for various building designs, be it home, office or any other building. The advantage of these systems is their design which can adapt not just conventional architecture but modern architecture of various shapes and sizes, while the robust and elegant design adds a touch of class and attention. These high-performing casement systems give the option of single-sash, double-openable, fix and openable doors and windows.

A distinct aspect of these aluminium doors and windows is their appealing design and style. Aluminium doors and windows look better as they can be given numerous finishes and looks with great height and width. The overall appearance of these German doors and windows stands out from other options in the market. They come in various shapes and act as attractive add-ons to homes while displaying class and originality. Contemporary architecture owes a lot to aluminium systems due to their personalisation characteristics which allow them to be tailored to suit the most demanding specifications. Aluminium is no longer just an ‘industrial looking’ material that is plain and boring; it can be easily customised with a finish and colour of your choice through powder coating or anodizing.

Enhanced Safety

It is important to make sure that the aluminium doors and windows you install help in enhancing the safety of your premises. These Aluminium window and door systems are designed to have multiple locking and by using toughened glass, it adds an extra layer of security.

Pocket-Friendly and Low Maintenance

Aluminium is a pocket-friendly alternative to conventional material and offers great value for money. Also, aluminium should not be evaluated at its upfront cost solely. A material that could probably be cheaper to start with could end up incurring a lot of maintenance, replacement, and wear and tear costs. This aluminium window and door systems save you the money and time spent on maintenance. Windows and doors made of this material do not discolour or rust, thus, their upkeep is not costly and quite convenient. On the other hand, large conventional panels are susceptible to deformations when exposed to severe weather conditions. Aluminium only requires two deep clean-ups annually and can be done with soap and water and a soft cloth. Bringing them back to mint condition is a breeze.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco-friendliness is yet another characteristic of aluminium. It has sustainable properties as it is 100% recyclable and can be reused infinite times. When you opt for aluminium, it eliminates the need to use timber, thereby saving trees.

Brand of the Window and Door Systems

These days you can find many aluminium window and door suppliers in the market, but you need to give attention towards the company or brand of the system. A good brand with a history in the industry ensures the quality and functional efficiency of the systems. It is not limited to the fabrication of the quality of window and door systems but also installation in the most professional way. As we all are aware, German brands are known for their high-quality advanced designs suitable for tough Indian weather conditions. They are tested as per European standards and proved their performance on various parameters like high wind load, water penetration and air permeability. These German systems are a combination of extraordinary performance and great aesthetics with minimal to no maintenance over their long service life. Aluminium windows and doors are ideal for modern housing as they encapsulate all the markers of contemporary decor – clean lines, plenty of use of glass, and a minimalist aesthetic.

Kamal Bajaj, AluPure Aluminium Window and Door Systems

Business Head

Kamal Bajaj, Business Head – AluPure Aluminium Window and Door Systems, has 20 plus years of versatile experience in various industries like FMCG, consumer durables, steel, media (projects/ infrastructure) and fenestration. He has started his career as a procurement specialist, sourcing of materials and services, but his expertise is not limited to procurement. He has been associated with other specialised fields like sales and marketing, people management, etc. He has been instrumental in establishing AluPure a path-breaking brand in the aluminium window and door system in India and abroad.

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