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[Z] ZowoPlast Coating System – A Unique Product for the Indian Market


Berger-Zobel GmbH has launched its second [Z] ZowoPlast coating system generation in the market, which is an environment-friendly water based single component and single layered PUR PVC surface coating system with a long-term guarantee of 15 years. The product is completely free of NMP, NEP, TEA and Isocyanates combined with its very hard and scratch-resistant surface, but has parallel outstanding high flexibility and weather resistance. Berger Zobel GmbH is a leader in the innovation of premium coating systems for substrates such as PVC and timber. Berger-Zobel GmbH cooperated with Doctor Window and signed a distributorship agreement for the Indian market and aims to start sales in the last quarter of the year.

[Z] ZowoPlast ensures a fast and sustainable coating process with a wide variety of colours and a wide variety of application possibilities to the PVC surface either by spraying, painting, or using a vacuum coating system, making it ideal for DIY to industrial applications. Due to its viscosity and thixotropy adjustment, the ZowoPlast system shows a great performance even with complex geometries. This is very advantageous, for example, for coating PVC frames in a vertical hanging position.

In terms of rheology, ZowoPlast is trimmed for good atomization and flow behavior, which allows a very good surface flow and performance even with a coated thin layer, e.g. by manual application or automatic industrial linear coating line. The system was tested in the laboratory according to categories of DIN EN 927-6 in artificial weathering and also tested and certified externally as per the world’s toughest PVC coating test methods according to AAMA 615-17 defines performance requirements such as hardness, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, dry and wet adhesion, chemical resistance against acids, mortar, cleaner, resilience to climates of high humidity, extreme temperature changes from cold to warm, intense heat and strongest UV exposure.

In addition to the colour variety, [Z] ZowoPlast offers unlimited options in metallic colours as well as normal or silk matte gloss options
In addition to the colour variety, [Z] ZowoPlast offers unlimited options in metallic colours as well as normal or silk matte gloss options
To simulate the flexibility properties with rapid climate changes, the Zowo Plast system was subjected to a cold crack test, among other things. Here, the system was exposed to a change from humid/ warm climate and extreme cold over many cycles and the product offers great flexibility performance in hot Dubai up to cold Siberia. With a pull-off test according to DIN EN ISO 4624 and a cross-hatch test according to DIN EN ISO 2409, the ZowoPlast system provides excellent adhesion and shows optimum cross-linking on PVC surface even when the PVC is deformed by external influences. Within the framework of the agreement between Berger-Zobel GmbH and Doctor Window, the supply of any desired paint according to the RAL code will be made to the customers on the same day from India, as well as a guaranteed service will be provided for the coating processes onsite or in the painting booth according to the full-length profiles.

Official India Distributor:
Doctor Window Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: +91 075054 44444

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