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TAKA’s New Generation of Adhesives with Highest Weather Resistance


TAKA-WPR – the only company worldwide to combine the design and performance of wrapping machinery with high-quality state-of-the-art adhesive technology, giving their customer worldwide unrivalled application know-how of the whole lamination process along with 360° service!

As everyone knows that TAKA produces high-quality polyurethane HMPUR and polyester adhesives for interior and exterior applications. Three modern advanced production units offer the best production capacity, perfect timing, and highest quality ensuring the integration of the complete production process from the raw material to the final product.

TAKA’s New Generation of AdhesivesTAKA has developed what today is the adhesive with the highest weathering resistance and subsequently the longest lifetime of all available Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive adhesives on the market. Of course, the guarantee for the adhesives is as important as the guarantee for the foil. Today, many of us believe that the pull-up test is sufficient for the strength of the adhesive, but this is a grave misconception for all of us. Because of the strength of adhesive decreases under atmospheric conditions. Therefore, besides using a foil with a 20-year guarantee, your adhesive must be suitable for this. Otherwise, you will endanger the reputation of your brand in the future. One of the biggest reasons why today TAKA is the market leader and is used by leading companies in the sector that follow quality standards and have developed adhesive with the highest weather resistance.

There are different test methods of artificial weathering that have an accelerated aging effect on the foiled profile. These tests demonstrate the resistance of the compound to the most critical weather conditions, which are heat and humidity. The most common test method is the so-called “hydrolysis test” applied by the German quality association GKFP. The test specimen is stored in an oven for 6 weeks at 70°C and 98% relative humidity. After this time the foil is peeled with a dynamometer. If the strength of adhesion is still higher than 1.5 N/mm the test is passed successfully. This aging test corresponds to around 10 years of the lifetime of an installed window in central Europe.

TAKA Adhesives

But TAKA’s new generation of adhesives overcomes this benchmark even after more than 12 weeks in the oven. Assuming that the degradation of the adhesion is linear, this demonstrates a lifetime of at least 20 years.

Taka’s modern advanced production units offer the best production capacity, perfect timing, and highest quality
Taka’s modern advanced production units offer the best production capacity, perfecttiming, and highest quality

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