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König – The Ultimate Repairing Solution Provider


König, a well-known brand associated with innovative and reliable products for the repair of surfaces, develops new market strategies with an expert partner in order to stand out in new markets. In this context, for the stable growth process in India, which is the most populous country in the world, they signed a distributorship agreement with Doctor Window and became the market leader in India as well as in the rest of the world. In this context, they serve you with ready stocks in all required colours of touch-up pens and crack fillers required for the window and façade industry.

König has an unequalled level of experience in dealing with colours, fillers and surface materials
König has an unequalled level of experience in dealing with colours, fillers and surface materials

König, a 125-year company now in the fifth generation, works on the continuous enhancement of its products and offers new and sophisticated solutions for a variety of specific repair tasks. It focuses on the long term, not only in its company relations and partnerships but also with regard to its employees. König has an unequalled level of experience in dealing with colours, fillers and surface materials.

Being a provider of niche products, König does not deal with mass markets but works closely with experts in special markets. From this tradition, König has maintained the potential of a medium sized company – adaptability and dynamic – to operate in an innovative and customer-oriented manner. Thanks to this unique combination of flexibility and longstanding expertise, their products are world leaders. König company’s strategy focuses on sound growth. They consciously set themselves qualitative targets to increase the benefit and the quality of their products and also to keep their customers satisfied. Thus, they want to invest in their own sustainability and their staff. enjoying their work, together they cope with both big and small challenges – so that both employees and the company will continue to grow into the future.

No case is too unusual for König. For some time, their main customers in the furniture, kitchen and window industry were not working exclusively with wood and plastic-coated surfaces. A variety of new materials like HP-foils, HPL, vinyl, stone and also metal and powder coatings have been added with different properties and they require specialist repair techniques. Being a link between the manufacturers and the processing industry or rather the trade, König sees it as its task to always be one step ahead with new developments. In its R & D department, lacquer and chemical engineers work on new and improved products and carry out different series of tests. Thus, for instance, they test new surfaces with regard to their repair capability and give appropriate recommendations to the manufacturers.

Official India Distributor:
Doctor Window Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: +91 075054 44444

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