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Kingston B1 Fire PU Foam is one component, multipurpose dual grade foam based on moisture curing technology. It comes with manual straw or gun cap for applications. It is used to seal gaps and crevices with a very high expansion yield of up to 2.0- 2.5 litres (expansion) where the risk of fire is expected. Fire-rated PU foam is widely used for filling joints between walls, ceilings, floors and gaps around pipes, windows and door frames, electric equipment and fire-sensitive zones.

B1 Fire-rated Foam can be cut once fully cured. It shows excellent adhesion with lumber, metals, plywood, concrete, masonry and bonds to other materials. The cured foam is resistant to all weather conditions, too hot or too cold, aging steam, many chemicals, rats, pests & fungal infestation. It gives perfect insulation against thermal conservation, cooling systems and raising acoustics. Kingston Industrial grade PU Cleaner is required to clean the extra foam from surfaces, applicator guns or cloths.

Key features:

  • Window and door frame installation, mounting and sealing
  • Insulation of electrical outlets, hot and cold water pipes, large cracks, holes, joints & openings, etc.
  • Fills interconnection spaces in the roof construction, corrugated steel and roof tiles
  • Soundproofing application on screen, partition walls, car and boat cabins. Improving thermal insulation in cooling systems

Kingston Weatherproof 789 Silicone Sealant is one part, neutral cure, architectural grade sealant designed for general weather sealing. It easily extrudes in any weather and quickly cures at room temperature to produce a durable, flexible silicone rubber seal. Kingston Weatherproof Sealant is a specified, premium performance weather sealing product specifically designed for general glazing and weather sealing in curtain walls and building facades. Its primer less adhesion upon curing will form a strong bond to most common building components without the use of a primer.

Key features:

  • Long-life reliability: cured sealant stays elastomeric from -30°C to 110°C without hardening, cracking or becoming brittle under normal weather conditions
  • Low Modulus: with extension/compression capability up to ±30% of original joint width.
  • Excellent weatherability: virtually unaffected by sunlight, rain, snow, and ozone
  • Ease of application: ready to use as supplied

Kingston Perimeter Sealant 299 is a high-performance paintable sealant for doors and windows. PS is suitable for interior and exterior sealing applications of all kinds of door and window joints and connection joints for Aluminium, uPVC and wood.

Key features:

  • Fast curing capabilities. Paintable & waterproof after curing
  • Non-sagging & odourless.
  • Easy tooling and soft extrude for a smooth finish.
  • Excellent adhesion to most of the substrates including metals, aluminium, concrete, steel, glass, wood, stone and masonries.
  • Specialist for window and door professionals (uPVC, Wood, Aluminium)

For more details on the company and its products:
Kingston Multi Products india Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: +91-93154 01291

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