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Industry Size to Grow More Than 30% Year on Year

By: Amit Malhotra, Mccoy Group Of Companies

As a veteran in the field of sealants, PU foams, and building hardware accessories, I can truly give you my in-depth understanding of what India has witnessed in the past couple of years and the future of the façade & fenestration industry in coming years.


sealants and PU foams in Tilt & Turn window
Tilt & Turn window

I would like to break up the subject of sealants and PU foams first… The humble beginning of the sealant industry: Use of Silicone mainly started with Silicone structural glazing way back in the early 1990s. Silicone now is a ‘must have’ for every façade, door, and window aka fenestration. The revolution in the silicone industry came with the advent of uPVC doors and windows in early 2000 and now after two decades, it is mandatory to use the same in every door and window installation.

The organized aluminum system companies also shaped the use of silicone sealants. This has also urged the unorganized aluminum door and window industry to a large extent to make sure to use Silicone sealants, acrylic sealants, and PU Foams for all installations across the country.

In particular, a fenestration includes a complete system with all mandatory components including profile, glass, gasket, sealant, anchors, fasteners, and reenforcement. They all go together as one to complete the system.

Sliding and folding windows in sealants and PU foams
Sliding and folding windows

Thousands of pieces of training organized for industry members along with demos on proper installation/use of all these products has shaped the sealant and fenestration/related industries in India. Looking ahead, the construction industry in India will take a long forward leap jump in the coming years. Projects and retail sectors are expected to keep growing through the decade and I see that the growth of sealants is directly proportional to the same.

Quality is a top performer and will be needed to be maintained by all manufacturers at all times to have enduring products with high performance. I also see great scope for new technologies like MS Polymers and Advanced PU to come forward in the industry sooner. India is a dream shaping up and sealants are a form and function of the same, growth can only be positive.


The consumption of quality hardware sealants and PU foams is likely to double every year
The consumption of quality hardware is likely to double every year

As far as building hardware and accessories are concerned, for the longest time, the same was always imported from China and other parts of the world and still is. Going forward, the forward drive towards ‘Make in India’ is going to take shape very aggressively and it is expected that top quality uPVC/ Aluminium door and window hardware will be produced in India, not only for the domestic market but also for exports.

The consumption of quality hardware is likely to double every year and the industry size to even grow more than 30 % year on year as more and more doors and windows will need more safe and secure hardware, which in turn means more hardware per window and door in terms of cost and value.

India is on the growth trajectory and we welcome this change and will support the industry like have been doing for the past few decades.

Amit Malhotra, Mccoy Group Of Companies

Leader & Founder

Amit Malhotra is a well-known personality in the silicone and building products industry in SAARC nations. Amit joined the family business of waterproofing started by his late father Mr VK Malhotra in 1993. From its humble origin, McCoy Group has come a long way and has offices in India and abroad and sourcing offices globally. As the Leader and Founder of McCoy Group, Amit is a serial entrepreneur, having nearly 30 years of experience in running businesses in the construction industry with likes of construction chemical products including adhesive, sealant, and hardware. He is also the founder of McCoy Mart - the one-stop destination for all construction needs, and WFM Media. Amit is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School Program OPM 2015- 2018. He is a professional who is emotionally bonded to his job and works with a lot of passion. Time, place and conditions cease to matter when he is involved with work. Amit is blessed with excellent interpersonal relationships which ensures that his organization is always at the zenith of professionalism. A multi-faceted leader, Amit is also the Marketing Head of UWDMA (uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association). He is an active member of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) since 2010. He is the president of the Confederation of Construction Products and Services (CCPS), and a member of the Construction Chemical Manufacturers Association (CCMA).

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