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Amit Malhotra

Leader & Founder
Mccoy Group Of Companies

About Amit Malhotra

Amit Malhotra is a well-known personality in the silicone and building products industry in SAARC nations. Amit joined the family business of waterproofing started by his late father Mr VK Malhotra in 1993. From its humble origin, McCoy Group has come a long way and has offices in India and abroad and sourcing offices globally. As the Leader and Founder of McCoy Group, Amit is a serial entrepreneur, having nearly 30 years of experience in running businesses in the construction industry with likes of construction chemical products including adhesive, sealant, and hardware. He is also the founder of McCoy Mart – the one-stop destination for all construction needs, and WFM Media. Amit is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School Program OPM 2015- 2018. He is a professional who is emotionally bonded to his job and works with a lot of passion. Time, place and conditions cease to matter when he is involved with work. Amit is blessed with excellent interpersonal relationships which ensures that his organization is always at the zenith of professionalism. A multi-faceted leader, Amit is also the Marketing Head of UWDMA (uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association). He is an active member of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) since 2010. He is the president of the Confederation of Construction Products and Services (CCPS), and a member of the Construction Chemical Manufacturers Association (CCMA).

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