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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

“Use Right Hardware for the Right Applications”

By: Amit Malhotra, Mccoy Group Of Companies

Important Hardware for Doors and Windows

Apart from the standard model of single-point locking with Cockspur Handles, uPVC doors and windows are characterised by the ability to be locked at multiple points for added safety and better sealing. This is done by Espagnolettes with multiple locking points, and strikers and operated by an appropriate handle, both in casement as well as sliding doors and windows.

Friction hinges hardware for doors and windows
Friction hinges Thunder Magnum, Power and Rock for PVC-U and aluminium

Friction hinges for windows and 3D, 2D and Butt hinges for doors provide the necessary hinge action in casement doors and windows, while rollers, both single and double nylon or steel-wheeled, swing or adjustable, provide the movement to sliding doors and windows.

However, of late, a plethora of specialised hardware for tilt & turn, slide & fold, lift & slide, tilt & slide, slide & pivot and vertical windows and doors have evolved and are increasingly being brought into use.

Need for choosing the right kind of hardware for windows and doors

Hardware to a window/door is like the true engine oil, lubricant, wheels and parts which is to a car. You may choose the best, most durable, profiles and glass, but compromise on the hardware is critical to the life durability and functionality of the operations of the door/ window.

Factors to consider while specifying architectural hardware for doors and windows

Single/double, grooved/flat nylon wheel rollers for PVC-U
Single/double, grooved/flat nylon wheel rollers for PVC-U

Size of the window/door

Weight of the window/door

Static and dynamic load conditions on-site

Safety and security requirements

Atmospheric conditions, like a corrosive environment at the point of use

Profile dimensions like width, depth and, presence/absence of Euro Groove on the profile

Severity of recurrence of use per unit time interval

Heavy duty adjustable double wheeled rollers for PVC-U
Heavy-duty adjustable double-wheeled rollers for PVC-U

Any special client-specified requirements like night ventilation or ergonomic requirements, etc.

The type of hardware determines the profile to be used, not vice versa

The evolution of door and window hardware over the past decade

Well, as concerned with the evolution, the growth of the uPVC Industry has driven the prices south and also increased the use of sliding windows, especially in major parts of south and north India and the least is taken into account for the hardware. Even now, some touch locks with absolutely least functionality are being used. Also, space and locking devices and handles causing poor quality are frequently used in windows.

Latest technologies and materials for architectural hardware available in the Indian market

D handle sets hardware for PVC-U sliding doors
D handle sets for PVC-U sliding doors

The entire range of products from around the world is fully available in India and also at the most affordable prices. The inclination to use them by own choice is not moving ahead. I hope that after this disaster ‘Covid’, we could expect an accelerative movement to use the right hardware for the right applications.

Just to explain, for a 70 Kg door, two small rollers of Nylon which can hardly bear 20 kg cannot suffice. Similar are the examples applied for handles, friction hinges and espags of even quality of SS 304 vs SS 201 in use of friction stays. Mental awareness and consciousness must arise to use the best suitable, quality hardware.

Standards followed by architectural hardware manufacturers in India, to make sure that their products are of superior quality

Single point locking handles for aluminium casement windows | Multi point locking espags for PVC-U casement and sliding doors and windows
Single point locking handles for aluminium casement windows | Multi-point locking espags for PVC-U casement and sliding doors and windows

Most of the hardware used or manufactured for uPVC or aluminium doors and windows come from Germany, Italy, Turkey Spain, France and China and are mostly top-end products, following best standards. Quality awareness is high among the users and fabricators.

All about customised architectural hardware & the advantages and hurdles façade regarding customisation

Customisation usually needs economies of scale and functionality. The total market in India for low-cost aluminium windows is still the

e highest. Therefore, cheaper, just operable, not the best functional hardware is used in a lot of projects.

Future of the hardware industry for façades and fenestrations?

Single point locking handles hardware for aluminium sliding windows
Single-point locking handles for aluminium sliding windows

The future is where people look for safety and security and more durable solutions. The fabricator needs to say ‘No’ to the lowest quote answers to their customers. Customers need to look for and should buy the most cost-effective yet durable and functional doors and windows with a focus on safety and security.

Please tell us about some innovative technologies used in some of your products for windows and doors?

At McCoy 8 M, we produce the entire range of hardware products from the top manufacturers globally, who focus on quality, consistency, and tested certified products, We offer complete test reports from the UK/European and Singapore test labs for the products.

We believe in our experience. McCoy has been around for more than 20 years in business and does plan to be around for a long. So our reputation and quality are most important to us. Therefore, we focus on quality, consistency and strong integrity.

Amit Malhotra, Mccoy Group Of Companies

Leader & Founder

Amit Malhotra is a well-known personality in the silicone and building products industry in SAARC nations. Amit joined the family business of waterproofing started by his late father Mr VK Malhotra in 1993. From its humble origin, McCoy Group has come a long way and has offices in India and abroad and sourcing offices globally. As the Leader and Founder of McCoy Group, Amit is a serial entrepreneur, having nearly 30 years of experience in running businesses in the construction industry with likes of construction chemical products including adhesive, sealant, and hardware. He is also the founder of McCoy Mart - the one-stop destination for all construction needs, and WFM Media. Amit is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School Program OPM 2015- 2018. He is a professional who is emotionally bonded to his job and works with a lot of passion. Time, place and conditions cease to matter when he is involved with work. Amit is blessed with excellent interpersonal relationships which ensures that his organization is always at the zenith of professionalism. A multi-faceted leader, Amit is also the Marketing Head of UWDMA (uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association). He is an active member of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) since 2010. He is the president of the Confederation of Construction Products and Services (CCPS), and a member of the Construction Chemical Manufacturers Association (CCMA).

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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