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Telescopic Automatic Sliding Doors from Ozone

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Ozone, a dominant international player in architectural hardware domain, introduced Telescopic Automatic Sliding Door System recently. This system works on a double pulley mechanism enabling wider clear door opening occupying minimum parking space.

double pulley mechanism
The system works on a double pulley mechanism

With emergence of spacious & luxurious commercial spaces, need for wider door opening is on rising trend, Ozone Telescopic Automatic Sliding Door System is the best solution for such requirements in the category. These systems are efficient to handle high traffic movement yet ensuring smoother door performance with every closing or opening. On this system, in order to achieve wider clear door opening space, two pieces of active door panels/ leafs should be installed in a space of one. These 2 door panels/leafs move simultaneously at 2:1 speed ratio. Ozone Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door System is an ideal solution even for space constraint commercial environments as it does not need additional parking space. It also helps to minimize the air-conditioning loss at the same time keeping dust at bay from outside. These systems have been successfully applied on the entrances of a leading automobile company’s luxury brand showrooms. Other than functional benefits, Doors with Telescopic Sliding Systems compliment the modern interior decor and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space yet reinforcing Total Vision concept.

Ozone offers a wide range of automatic sliding, swing & revolving door systems meeting varied needs of commercial architectural spaces. These door systems enable creating complete automatic door solutions in different configurations as per site conditions or design needs. Every automatic door system delivered from Ozone meets five “S” concepts, Speed, Silence, strength, safety & smoothness.

For more details, please visit Ozone Overseas Pvt Ltd


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