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Curtain Wall System for Modern House Designs


What is Curtain Wall System?

A curtain wall system is a façade treatment to a building, where the outer walls are non-structural therefore not functioning to take load but just to shield the interiors from the weather and other external conditions. Since it does not bear any structural load, a curtain wall design can be done using light weight materials, also reducing the construction costs.

Curtain Walls for Modern House Design

Modern House Design Image by johansenaue from Pixabay

For Modern Houses it can work on multiple levels to enhance the design. While using curtain wall for the facades can function really well to bring in light and invite the outside environment but also bring in a lot of heat. Considering India has a panoramic change of climate, this might not work for each context.

Curtain Wall for Modern House Designs
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

However, curtain wall designs can be integrated in modern homes in some ways below :

  • Marry the Outside and Inside – If you have a beautiful garden or landscape areas, using curtain walls can help achieve the seamless integration. The landscape in this case works as a buffer as well as an addition to the modern house designs.

  • Incoming Views – For a modern home idea, a curtain wall can be best suited to bring in the outside views to the inside. This however, when executed should take care of the privacy of the residents and combating the extreme climates of a tropical region like India. This can also be worked out using deep overhangs studying the solar gain of those areas.

  • North Facades for Curtain Walls – North facades are a great option to bring in the diffused light. Also because the Sun never hits directly on the north side, it is a viable option to reduce glare and heat gain, and hence less energy consumption’s.

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