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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

In the Backdrop of Nature Sohonos – Pristine and sustainable villas, Goa


Sun Estates builds luxury homes in pristine locations in Goa. Sohonos is built-in Nerul, Goa amidst beautiful backwaters. The location ensures privacy, access to nature, lush surroundings, and yet an easy breeze to walk to the beach. Sohonos is designed by New York-based architect David Ruff who has designed some of the most premium villas worldwide.

Sohonos is built-in Nerul, Goa At Sun Estates
At Sun Estates, great emphasis is placed on designing the doors and windows

Every property built by SunEstates places importance on the façade and fenestration design. The façade is the “first impression” of a property and also has the power of “recognition”, of finally making us feel at home. Fenestration and façade design plays a very important role as they define the scale, aesthetics, and architectural language of the project. Beyond the functional and aesthetic aspects, fenestration also has other impacts on the people using the spaces. Light, shadows, ventilation play an important part in creating positive moods in people using the spaces. Fenestration trends have moved towards new materials and energy-saving technologies.

Some of the new trends include screens and louvers, large glazings, etc. Fenestration can significantly impact energy savings with the use of double glazings, correct design, and orientation, screens to cut the direct sunlight, etc. Reducing heat gain is one of the primary areas for energy savings.

At Sun Estates, great emphasis is placed on designing the doors and windows as they are the connections of the interior with the exteriors. All designs are based on the merging and flow of spaces from interior to exteriors.

The façade at Sohonos has a contemporary design with clean lines balanced with the use of metal louvers giving an interesting pattern to the façade. The main design element is the layering of the glazing with façade louver elements towards the mesmerizing view. The grand glazing creates an element of space, closeness to the surrounding lush backdrop of nature and ensures natural light throughout the day. The glazings are seen as transparent walls which run the whole width and height of these rooms. The height of these glazings is nearly 10 feet and gives a grand feel to the spaces. The aluminum sliding system uses heavy-duty sections with stiffeners due to wind loads. For ease of use, the tilt and slide system has been made use of.

Fenestration and façade design
Fenestration and façade design plays a very important role as they define the scale, aesthetics, and the architectural language

The façade is more closed towards internal roads and more open with large glazings towards the view and the pool. This design of the façade ensures a feeling of positivity as sunlight flows into the area while ensuring the most premium view.

The kidney-shaped skylight is double glazed to ensure a more sustainable design. Double glazing improves ventilation and during summertime and preserves heat during winter months. It acts as a moderator inside the villa and ensures that the climate is more friendly. Double glazed windows reduce carbon emissions up to 680 kgs per year. In addition to the double glazing, façade louvers and screens are used to cut direct sunlight which can be prominent during summers in Goa. It thereby reduces heat inside the villa while still ensuring good visibility outdoors. The tilt and slide system helps to increase ventilation and save energy. It also seamlessly connects the indoor environment to the outdoor environment while offering promising views upwards towards the skylight.

The materials used in fenestration include painted plastered surfaces and MS elements. premium quality of materials is used for the façade and fenestration of luxury villas. As new-age consumers are getting more conscious about sustainability and the environment, it is important to include environmentally friendly options in design. It is also the most socially responsible decision for any builder or architect.


Project: Sohonos
Location: Nerul, Goa
Client: Sun Estates Goa
Architect: David Ruff from New York
Materials used for façade & fenestration: (window/door/façade materials): MS elements, painted plastered surfaces
Commencement date & Completion date: 2016 – 2019

Suraj Morajkar

Managing Director, Sun Estates Developers

Suraj Morajkar and his successful legacy chain of luxurious homes and hotels are symbolic of his passion for creating something everlasting and blissful. His sense of architecture and his eye for detail is what makes his properties so aesthetic and modern. He belongs to a generation that saw big career opportunities within Goa itself, bringing names like Tarun Tehliani to his place of heritage and collaborating to create something larger than life. Suraj Morajkar started by exploring everything that Goa had to offer while ensuring that his pieces of architecture had a local connection and style presenting a local-luxury mix that none of the others could offer. He turned Goa into a luxury powerhouse with world recognition, which made the people of Goa proud of his work and gave him the status and recognition he deserves.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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