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Suraj Morajkar

Managing Director, Sun Estates Developers

About Suraj Morajkar

Suraj Morajkar and his successful legacy chain of luxurious homes and hotels are symbolic of his passion for creating something everlasting and blissful. His sense of architecture and his eye for detail is what makes his properties so aesthetic and modern. He belongs to a generation that saw big career opportunities within Goa itself, bringing names like Tarun Tehliani to his place of heritage and collaborating to create something larger than life. Suraj Morajkar started by exploring everything that Goa had to offer while ensuring that his pieces of architecture had a local connection and style presenting a local-luxury mix that none of the others could offer. He turned Goa into a luxury powerhouse with world recognition, which made the people of Goa proud of his work and gave him the status and recognition he deserves.

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