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Gujarat Guardian Unveils Guardian® SunGuard® Solar Plus Glass


Gujarat Guardian Limited, a frontrunner in the glass solutions sector, has unveiled a groundbreaking expansion to its Solar Plus glass series under the esteemed Guardian®️ SunGuard®️ brand. This revolutionary monolithic glass solution introduces an array of benefits, including exceptional solar control and low emissivity properties.

The launch of Guardian®️ SunGuard®️

Solar Plus marks a significant advancement in solar control and energy efficiency. Noteworthy among its features is the glass series’ remarkable ability to seamlessly balance visible light transmission, solar heat control, and low-emissivity characteristics all within a single glass configuration. This innovation ensures that the interiors of buildings are immersed in natural light, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere while simultaneously reducing heat buildup and the excessive need for air conditioning. By achieving this delicate equilibrium, the Solar Plus glass significantly enhances the energy efficiency of structures, effectively reducing dependence on artificial lighting and cooling systems, and contributing to India’s green building standards. The complete Solar Plus glass series has earned the esteemed accreditations of GRIHA and Green Pro.

Beyond its exceptional performance advantages, Guardian®️ SunGuard®️ Solar Plus also stands out in terms of architectural elegance. The glass is available in a range of options, offering builders, architects, designers, and consultants the freedom to select from various shades and performance levels that align with the requirements of their projects. Whether it’s a commercial edifice, a residential complex, or an institutional building, the Solar Plus glass with internal reflections lower than a clear float glass seamlessly integrates into the overall design, elevating the visual allure of the structure.

Additionally, Guardian®️ SunGuard®️ Solar Plus prioritizes durability. It offers versatile functionality, serving as either a monolithic glass or as part of a double-glazed unit. It can be bent, ceramic-fitted, or laminated, rendering it an ideal choice for both new constructions and retrofitting ventures. This glass provides a steadfast and enduring solution for years to come.

Gujarat Guardian Limited’s commitment extends beyond innovation, focusing on the responsible utilization of natural resources while upholding the safety, health, and well-being of its employees, customers, the environment, and society at large. As a leader in manufacturing high-performance, energy-efficient glass products for diverse applications ranging from commercial and residential to the interior, transportation, and specialty needs, Gujarat Guardian Limited consistently creates products that enhance the quality of people’s lives.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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