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Intelligent Glazed Façades


The office for the architectural firm ‘Abhikalpan Architects Pvt. Ltd’ at Indore features a unique double glazed façade unit fixed with spider fittings, unlike the conventional DGU fixings, which is affixed within frames earlier.

Expanding a small office of 1500 Sq ft, beyond borders of its room was a major concept while planning this building. The indigenous customized detailing makes the façade a proper combination of delicate and strong materials. The installation of the glass on façade reduces the operational cost of the building for the future.

Design Evolution: Utilizing the benefits of the orientation of each elevation, the design has been evolved. Each façade is treated differently, to explore the opportunities to create an energy efficient structure and to contribute to visual interests.

Glazed facade
glazed unit
Glazed facade

Each glazed façade is treated differently, to explore the opportunities to create an energy efficient structure

North Façade

The north façade has a customized double glazed façade, which consists of a layer of 12 mm argon gas sealed within 2 glasses 6mm thick, acting as a good insulator (Product code- SKN 154 II Magma). The glass façade has been mainly used, to open up the office towards the surrounding natural landscape, as well as for ensuring a high level of transparency and allowing natural light inside, throughout the day. The tilted glazing DGU, is integrated seamlessly from floor to ceiling, with the RCC framed structure. The M.S. bars of the R.C.C. slab are welded neatly with a customized C channel, making the C channel strong enough to carry the load of the entire glazing. A clear glass wall, from ground floor, to the second floor happens to be the most luring element of the façade. An intelligent glass façade reduces the energy consumption to maintain the appropriate internal environment. It has an ecological significance in reducing global greenhouse emissions and also in reducing operational building costs. A green wall on the terrace, hiding the solar panels, lightens the structure visually.




glazing DGU
Glass facade
glass facade

The tilted glazing DGU is integrated seamlessly from floor to ceiling with the RCC framed structure.

West Façade

An exposed brick wall stands strong in the west, creating an interesting composition with a massive natural rock, lush green plants and concrete. Fundermax is used to blend delicate with solid surface by using it under the cantilever above the second floor. The windows on the east-west walls, are uPVC windows by ‘Torfenster’, with (umbra grey) coloured profile and glasses 6 mm thick. (Product code- SKN 144 II Iris). The windows used are triple track, sliding windows with wire mesh.
façade design
The west façade
Sectional Elevation

Glass Specs

We have used Saint Gobain high performance glazing for the building which is a double glazed unit having V.L.T. (Visual Light Transmittance) – 50 per cent and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) < 0.3. Due to which conduction and convection is blocked hence preventing heat to transfer through the glass. SKN 154 II Magma is used on the north façade, and SKN 144 II Iris is used on the west façade.

Other Materials Used in the Facade

  • PPC (Pozzolona Portland Cement) contains fly ash mixed with
  • Glass: Double glazed windows– high insulation
  • Paints: ECO-CLEAN paints have been used.
  • Steel bars: ROLLING STEEL throughout the project which
    incorporates 50 per cent recycle content.
  • The building is provided with a tilted double glazed unit with
    spider fittings on the north façade.
Glass Details Light Factors Energy Factors
Code Products Transmission Reflection (%) Solar Factor Shading Coefficient U Value
(%) External Internal SHGC / SF SC W/sqm K
6 mm Coated Glass (Coating Face 2) – 12 mm Air Gap – 6 mm Clear Glass
SKN 144 II Iris 39 20 12 0.23 0.26 1.60
SKN 154 II Magma 49 18 26 0.27 0.31 1.50


Project: Small is Green
Location: Indore
Client: Ar. Manish Kumat
Principal designer: Ar. Manish Kumat
Plot size: 1585 Sq ft
Other Consultants: Ar. Shilpa bhave,
Er. Kaushal kumar Karahe, Structural
Er. O.P.Tiwari,
Interior designer: Sandeep Thakur.
Materials Used for Façade: A Tilted
Double glazed unit with spider fittings
which is customized, in the North
Completion Date: 17th February 2015
Cost: Rs.3000/ Sq ft
Photographer: Chandra Shekhar

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