With BM Windows, the façade is the “language” expressing the individuality of each project, bridging the realms of art and technology while manifesting the vision and brand values of the investors.

Exterior Cladding Design of the Lotte Mall by BM Windows
Exterior Facade

Harmonizing architectural beauty in every technical detail, BM WINDOWS has epitomized the essence of façade in a complex spanning over 7.3 hectares. The façade systems crafted by BM WINDOWS have seamlessly integrated diverse building functions, from commercial areas, offices, and hotels to serviced apartments. This integration encompasses an array of elements such as doors, windows, curtain walls, aluminium composite panels, stone claddings, glass canopies, aluminium roofs, glass rails, aluminium louver systems, and more.

Lotte Mall Facade
Facade Design

At Lotte Mall Hanoi, BM WINDOWS has woven a distinctive narrative into every facet of its façade. Notably, the hexagonal panelling within the shopping mall area stands as a prominent signature, capturing the entire visual spotlight. Crafted from 8000 hexagonal stainless steel plates with varying curvature radii, each meticulously 3D-shaped and machined, the utmost aesthetic standards were upheld, with the entire production and assembly process executed at the factory to ensure utmost precision.

Shortly after its inauguration, Lotte Mall Hanoi left an indelible mark with its grandeur, functionality, and the undeniable charm of its façade system. The project unfurls like an artistic symphony of interwoven cubic structures, harmoniously rising and descending in resonance with the façade’s undulating wave-like design.

Night View of The Lotte Mall by BM Windows
The Night View

Notably, Lotte Mall Hanoi’s façade is a marvel of intricate composition, masterfully orchestrated by BM Windows from an array of elements and diverse materials. These range from stick glass partitions, and multi-story glass walls, to top light roofs, aluminium composite panels, stone cladding, canopy glass roofs, aluminium roofs, glass balustrades, and aluminium louver systems. These diverse components coalesce to create a magnificent, contemporary, and prestigious aesthetic for Hanoi’s most remarkable mixed-use complex.

The transition from day to night heralds a transformation in the façade’s appearance, as buildings don a vibrant spectrum of colours. In sprawling projects like Lotte Mall Hanoi, the nocturnal façade becomes a luminous celebration of dynamic lights. Whether illuminated by day or night, the BM WINDOWS façade consistently emanates an enchanting allure, adding a unique charisma to every project.

Each project presents its own distinctive requisites, and BM WINDOWS‘ adept application of highly specialized skills for each façade brings about a discernible transformation.

Exterior Facade Design of the Lotte Mall

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