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How Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) Leads to Sustainable Architecture?


ACP sheets or Aluminium Composite Panels are an age new building material that is not just a boon for architects, interior designers or builders but also for the environment! Yes, these new sustainable materials popularly known as ‘sandwich panels’ are a new road to sustainable architecture!

Sustainable architecture is not just designing buildings that are durable but also contributes to making the earth sustainable. ACP sheets are just a step forward to actual sustainable architecture. Here are a few advantages of incorporating ACP sheets in Architecture Design.

Re-usability of ACP Sheets

The Aluminium Composite Panels comprises of recycled materials such as aluminium, polymer and a few minerals. Choosing Aluminium Composite Panels is choosing sustainability as it is 100% recyclable and retains all its qualities throughout the process of its making and design.

Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panels ( ACP Cladding )

Apart from providing flexible design options for Architects, ACP sheets provide functional and decorative surfaces that are weather-resistant, rigid and easy to maintain.

While Aluminium as a material contributes to sustainable architecture, the composite panels are as strong as steel and are lightweight thus reducing use of steel in the building design. These can be a great option in today’s modern architecture.

Aluminium Composite Panels
Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay
  • Cost Effective – Aluminium Composite Panels are cost-effective and can be used in a pre-structured building design or ACP cladding, where ACP sheets can be an alternative for marble, brick or any other stone cladding. ACP sheets can etched with designs and patterns that resemble these materials. Not just that, ACP sheets can be finished virtually in any colour and remain consistent through each panel.
  • Less heated environments – Energy costs also reduce considerable as ACP sheets also help provide insulation, thus reducing the use of active systems. It is know that aluminium composite panels reflect very less heat into the environment as compared to glass sheets.
  • Response with Climate – While sustainable architecture means provision of buildings that respond to the subjective environment, it also depends on the choice of materials. Easy to maintain and climate-responsive materials also contribute towards sustainable architecture.

Using aluminium composite panels which are long and withstanding in harsh climatic conditions make it durable, a good choice for harsh climates and a step towards sustainable architecture and environment friendly living.

It is therefore, almost a true fact that ACP sheets can accord a helping hand towards sustainability and emerge as a new found material for sustainable architecture.

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