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Fundermax Corporate Office, Bengaluru


Like all passionate projects, this one too has an interesting backstory. For one, this pertains to the brand Fundermax, for their own office, a new one. Two, it is an affirmation of their ambitious plans for the new decade. The location – an expansive building in the far suburbs of Bengaluru provided the right setting to show the rich possibilities with Fundermax products.

Fundermax Office Bengaluru
Office Building – East and North Elevation

Away from the congestion of Bengaluru’s central business district, the new place was the canvas on which we could unleash our dreams. This case study is about the conception of the new office cum Experience Center and how Fundermax panels can bring life to, even the most complicated design ideas of architects.

“Experience” as a Feature in B2B Selling

The basic idea of the new office was to mould it into an Experience Center for Fundermax products. While the new office would act as a platform for experiential promotion of Fundermax’s products (and features like sustainability, all-weather durability, wastage reduction & optimisation, and so on), it also served as a fresh and nice place to carry out our administrative tasks.

The new place also has large warehouse space for our panels and allied items like rivets and marketing material. Thanks to the proximity to the national highway, the location greatly contributes to the ease of doing business by providing convenient truck and container movement, with minimal traffic disturbances.

Office Entrance Design
The Main Office Entrance

With the project being built for their own, in order to put the spotlight on Fundermax as a brand, Fundermax provided complete design freedom to the designers. The planned façade comprised of sun blinds tilted on the vertical axis (40 degrees at the upper end and 130 degrees at the lower end), ensuring maximum reduction of heat and glare when the temperature is at its peak during the day. The panels were used to project borders throughout the intended areas. The façade coverage was substantial, running to a couple of thousand square feet.

The other economical aspects of the building included a single server rack that carried security controls, access systems (face detection, security cameras), IT network and intercom facilities. The result: An enriching demo of what is possible with Fundermax.

The new Experience Center smartly stands out for its bright and cheery outlook. The new office has dramatically enhanced the brand visibility, more so because of its location which is closer to the highway and railroad. It has led to increased walk-ins from enthusiastic partners and prospective buyers from the architect and designer community.

Office Building Design
Office Building – South Elevation
Fundermax Office Bengaluru North and West Elevation Design
The office – North and West Elevation

As the visuals reveal, the new office personifies everything about Fundermax – its sustainability features, design efficiencies, and its ability to adapt to any kind of structure. And importantly, the low maintenance costs in the long run. The Experience Center is indeed a Fundermax showcase!

“The overall outcome is far richer than what was conceptualised. Though there were some hiccups during execution, the final outcome is an iconic and wow project”, says Dr. Prashanth Reddy, MD, Fundermax India.

Project: Fundermax Office
Location: Bengaluru
Materials used: Fundermax decors 5173, 0922, 0085, 6010, 6020, 0026,
Commencement date: October 26, 2020
Completion date: January 15, 2021

Dr. Prashanth Reddy

Managing Director

Dr. Prashanth Reddy has done his BE in Mechanical, MBA in Marketing and has also completed his PhD. He has over 29 years of experience, having spent the last 13 years in the building materials/real estate sector. Fundermax has successfully completed over 15000 projects in the last 13 years across India, working with prominent architects, developers, hospitality companies, corporates and retail leaders, speak for their achievement. Fundermax operates through 40 well trained business partners across India & SAARC. Fundermax has achieved numerous awards within India as well as internationally for the quality system process and adherence to the green building norms and regulations. Dr. Reddy believes that one needs to be vigilant all the time & keep refining one’s strategy to changing times.

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