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Modern Locking Solution with B Slide Multipurpose Sliding Lock from Sobinco


Sobinco has established itself as a renowned name synonymous with quality, commitment, and exemplary deliverables in the industry. With a manufacturing unit located in Zulte, Belgium, Sobinco has successfully extended its sales footprint to over 60 countries worldwide. Operating in collaboration with its customers as true partners, Sobinco sets itself apart through its unique approach to data protection. The absence of intermediaries such as dealers and distributors ensures that customers interact directly with Sobinco, minimizing handling complexities across multiple points.

Why Choose B-Slide?

The B Slide Multipurpose Sliding Lock stands out as a comprehensive solution for a diverse range of sliding locking requirements. Its modular design offers the flexibility to function as a single or multiple locking point, easily adaptable to various scenarios. Modern Locking Solution with B Slide Multipurpose Sliding Lock from Sobinco The lock can be operated using a square spindle handle or a flush handle, catering to different user preferences and design aesthetics.

Key Features and Advantages

B Slide Multipurpose Sliding Lock from SobincoSobinco’s commitment to excellence is evident in the distinctive features of the B Slide Multipurpose Sliding Lock. Acknowledging manufacturing tolerances inherent in aluminium windows and doors, Sobinco has designed the J-Hook of the B Slide lock to be adjustable, eliminating any play between the outer frame and shutter. The utilisation of stainless steel front plates and a brass mechanism ensures superior corrosion resistance, reflecting high-quality standards. Additionally, the integration of key cylinder operation is customizable, adding an extra layer of security as per individual preferences.

Furthermore, the B Slide lock incorporates an anti-mishandling device, enhancing operational safety and preventing mishandling when the shutter is closed. This innovative feature exemplifies Sobinco’s dedication to not only functional excellence but also user-friendly design. In conclusion, Sobinco’s B Slide Multipurpose Sliding Lock emerges as a modern locking solution that embodies adaptability, precision, and robust design. Its user-focused features, coupled with Sobinco’s commitment to direct customer interaction and data protection, position it as a reliable partner in the sliding locking solutions domain.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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