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UPVC Windows and Doors – Current and Evolving Market Scenario in India

By: Farid Khan, Profine India

Over the past 15 years, India has witnessed exceptional growth in the real estate sector. More urbanisation, construction of smart cities, and changing lifestyles due to the emerging middle class are a few factors that have given a push to new building technologies and materials. uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is one such building material that has gained attention, as a replacement to other traditional materials, uPVC is a low maintenance yet effective material in making windows and doors.

In the last couple of years, we have seen increasing demand for uPVC windows and doors due to the host of benefits uPVC offers. Now the consumer is well aware of the fact that uPVC is an outstanding material for windows and doors as it performs exceptionally well in diverse weather conditions. uPVC windows and doors provide efficient thermal insulation and help in energy conservation. Not only this, uPVC windows provide high sound insulation with properly fabricated windows and installations. uPVC windows and doors are available in various designs and styles that can match any modern architecture and can be installed in any kind of building, be it villas, high-rise apartments, offices, hotels, hospitals, etc

They are also available in various colour options that can add value to your home interiors/exteriors. Surprisingly, you don’t need to be bothered about the durability, thanks to its uPVC compound properties – window and door profiles are termite resistant and practically last forever.

uPVC is considered to be an intelligent investment and an excellent buying decision as they do not require any repainting and maintenance. They do not rot, warp or corrode, profile colour remains the same in any weather/climate conditions, be it summer, winter or monsoon. These window and door systems have proven their effectiveness even in tropical and salty coastal climates. Windows and doors made of uPVC are environmentally friendly products as there is no wood in them and can be recycled. There are companies that manufacture the profiles with their unique compound material which is 100 percent lead-free and supports sustainability.

The current Indian window and door (all material) market is around INR 14,000-15,000 crore and the market share of uPVC window and door profiles is about 8-10 per cent. As per a report by Ken Research, over the next 10-15 years uPVC window and door market is expected to grow by 30 per cent with new and replacement sales, Major drivers of this growth would be large high-rise apartments in expanding metro cities.

Fenestration Feature
The major drivers for the increase in demand for uPVC windows and doors would be large high-rise apartments in expanding metro cities

We all know that overall Indian window and door industry is not organised and there are no specific standardisation and guidelines, uPVC is not different from this. The growing popularity and demand for uPVC windows and doors have given opportunities to many local and Chinese companies to venture into this industry. As India is a price-sensitive market, these companies often compromise on quality to earn more profits, which as a result creates a bad image of the product. To avoid this situation, more efforts are required from responsible and reputed manufacturers to make this market organised by standardisation of quality and product specifications. It will help the market as a whole to protect the interests of the consumers and manufacturers. On one side, consumers will get the quality product at a competitive price and on the other side reputed manufacturers can practice their business in a good atmosphere as most of the companies who are compromising on quality will eventually have no place in the market.

uPVC Windows and doors
Windows and doors made of uPVC are environmentally friendly products as they can be recycled

India is a diverse country with various cultures, lifestyles, architecture and different climates. Here you can see summer, monsoon and winter in one place in a year. Every place requires a different architecture of the home as per the local weather conditions. The north region faces harsh cold and summer, the northeastern region is of tropical condition, and the west and south remain hot and face high rain during monsoons. A couple of years back there was no single material for their window and door that could remain effective throughout the year. But not anymore, the availability of uPVC is an answer to this diversified window and door requirements, providing relief to the fenestration consultants who used to struggle against questions like thermal insulation, water tightness, sound resistance, look and appearance and durability. Now they are in a position to recommend world-class products, i.e. uPVC to consumers who are looking for comfort, and better lifestyles at competitive prices. uPVC windows and doors come in a variety of styles like casement (outward and inward open), tilt and turn, sliding, slide and fold, lift and slide, top hung, etc. which complement modern architecture in a unique way.

uPVC doors and windows complement the modern architecture in a unique way
uPVC doors and windows complement the modern architecture in a unique way

We are very optimistic about the future of the industry. The announcement of 100 smart cities, growth in infrastructure, increase in FDI and growing middle class give a clear indication that the uPVC window and door market will get more opportunities and grow at a good rate. Published reports suggest that the market would grow at a CAGR of 7 per cent during 2015-2020. With metro and big cities becoming noisy and polluted, uPVC windows and doors are expected to become a priority for people thinking about constructing new homes or renovating their existing ones. The major drivers of the Indian uPVC window and door market are increasing new housing construction and replacement activities, which have contributed to the growth of this market. With the growing number of façade and window consultants in the country, the industry will mature and stress quality rather than going for cheap quality material. At the same time, this segment needs more informative campaigns to create further awareness.

Farid Khan, Profine India

Director and CEO

Farid Khan, Director and CEO, Profine India, has 24 years of experience in diverse industries serving in India and Middle East. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration with major in Marketing and Honours Degree in Chemistry. A guiding force to reckon with in uPVC windows and doors industry in India and has been instrumental in establishing the footprints of profine GmbH, one of world’s leading manufacturers of uPVC profiles for windows and doors by forming the Indian subsidiary and setting up of local state of the extrusion facility in Vadodara, Gujarat. Under his leadership profine India with its brand Koemmerling is having further exponential expansion plans. He is focusing in making India the hub for export opportunities due to its strategic geographical location.

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