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As an Industry Leader, Greenlam Industries is Dedicated to Delivering Top-Notch Technology in Our Products and Services

By: Alex Joseph, Greenlam Industries Ltd.

In an interview with Alex Joseph Senior Vice President, Marketing, Greenlam Industries Ltd, he talks about the products and services Greenlam Industries Ltd., some of their iconic and recently launched products, advancements in their R&D technologies, and their future plans. Here are the excerpts

Could you please talk about some of your recently launched products?

Greenlam Clads for ExteriorsWith a wide range of decorative product solutions, Greenlam Industries has successfully launched a range of new products and has even forayed into the category of substrates, with its new segment of plywood, under the brand name of Mikasa Ply. Below is a brief introduction of products under various categories:

Laminates & Allied:

1. Greenlam Laminate Collection 2023- 25: 2023 marked the launch of the much-awaited and celebrated range of the Greenlam laminate collection. The new collection features 2 stunning textures, 78 new decors and 6 new trends.

2. New Point Eight and Green touch 0.80 mm Laminate Collections: The collection of 0.8 laminates has been completely revamped and refreshed with the launch of the new collection for 2023-24 with exciting new features and designs.

3. Greenlam Sturdo: The laminate compact solution, Greenlam Sturdo, for restroom and locker solutions saw a major turnaround with the newly designed collection. The latest collection has been co-created by the Greenlam design team and design patterns Will Watson, UK.

4. NewMika Raso: A Superior Matt laminate collection from NewMika. With the emerging trend of Matt laminates, NewMika launched this new collection of superior matt finish laminates that are produced with the latest manufacturing equipment, imported decor papers and texture plates.

The range has been curated to include 32 stunning designs to provide the perfect palette of pastels.

Wood & Allied

Greenlam Exterior Cladding1. Mikasa Doors & Frames – Origami Collection: Inspired by the art of origami, Mikasa Doors incorporate similar folding techniques into the design of their doors. These doors often feature intricate folding patterns that create a unique and visually striking appearance. Adding depth and uniqueness to any space they adorn, they combine the spirit of this revered art with modernity.

2. Decowood Veneers- Etched Collection: An extraordinary collection of veneers where elegance meets eccentricity and imagination knows no boundaries. Featuring meticulously crafted veneers that are etched with delicate grooves into the wood to create a symphony of textures and visual delights.

What are the latest advancements in your R&D, technologies in production, and products?

As an industry leader, Greenlam Industries is dedicated to delivering top-notch technology in our products and services. Our extensive portfolio boasts innovative, high-design, and highly functional solutions. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of innovation, we remain committed to advancing our offerings.

Learn more about our superior technology across various product categories:

Greenlam AFX Anti-Fingerprint Laminates: An exceptional ultra-matt surface that boasts anti-fingerprint properties. Its superior finish is achieved through cutting-edge EBC (Electron Beam Curing) technology, resulting in a non-porous surface. With its non-porous, it effectively reduces light reflection, providing you with a stunning ultra-matt, fingerprint-resistant surface. Moreover, AFX laminates offer additional benefits such as anti-bacterial, anti-virus, almost zero reflection, hydro, mould, and scratch-resistant features.

Fire-Rated Laminates for Rail Coach Applications: Greenlam is one of the first in the country to develop and test the HL3 variants for modern rail coach applications. The product successfully passed the international test norms as a product and also with honeycomb substrates.

Greenlam Clads – Exterior Grade Compact Laminates: Greenlam Clads are crafted using cutting-edge and proprietary GLE technology, ensuring exceptional resilience against various weather conditions like extreme heat, cold, and rain. Moreover, they boast remarkable resistance to stains, scratches, steam, cracks, and surface wear. With a long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements, our products provide peace of mind. Additionally, they meet fire-retardant standards as per Bs1D0, ensuring safety and durability.

Crossing over from the focus on functionality to aesthetics, Greenlam Industries is proud to have associated with top-notch design studios such as Romi Khosla Design Studio for its latest range of designer doors, called Origami doors.

Mikasa Doors draws inspiration from the art of origami, skillfully incorporating its intricate folding techniques into its door designs. These doors showcase captivating folding patterns that exude a one-of-a-kind, visually striking appeal. Infusing spaces with depth and uniqueness, they beautifully blend the essence of this timeless art with contemporary aesthetics. Experience the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity with Mikasa Doors.

Greenlam exteriorsTell us about some of the iconic projects in which your products are used as exterior cladding materials.

Greenlam Industries is a highly respected company known for producing exceptional quality products. Our products have had the privilege of being used in some of the most prestigious projects throughout the country. Greenlam Clads and NewMika FX Exterior grade compacts have been successfully utilized in significant locations that include The Election Commission of India in New Delhi, the PWD Head office, and the Central Vista Project of New Delhi, among many others.

Additionally, Greenlam is proud to have provided products to landmark sites such as the Attal Tunnel and the iconic Red Fort. Greenlam Industries products are highly sought-after by even the most affluent individuals in India and have been incorporated into numerous residences across the country.

Please throw some light on the latest materials, technologies and trends in façade cladding in India.

The façade of a building or structure has always been a crucial element, shaping the first impression and setting it apart. Traditionally, the focus was on creating visually stunning façades. However, the architectural landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. Today’s designers strive for a balance between aesthetic appeal, functionality, and above all, sustainability.

Embracing sustainable solutions, modern buildings and façades are making a substantial contribution to energy conservation. Additionally, responsibly sourced materials are employed, ensuring a healthier and more beneficial end-to-end process for façades. This shift towards sustainability not only enhances the aesthetics but also adds value through reduced energy consumption. As we evolve, the harmony of beauty and eco-consciousness becomes the cornerstone of contemporary architectural projects.

Greenlam Clads and NewMika FX offer impeccable façade solutions that empower designers and architects to achieve the perfect harmony of sustainability and aesthetic appeal. The Ventilated façade solution not only creates stunning façades but also contributes to maintaining cooler buildings, effectively reducing energy consumption.

Moreover, the responsible sourcing of materials from FSC-certified sources is a testament to our dedication to eco-consciousness. At Greenlam Industries, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing solutions that align with the demands of today’s generation and the environment. At Greenlam, we believe in offering the product to customers’ advantage. We produce all our Clads and NewMika FX with a default fire rating which is the best of its class, Bs1d0, and offer the highest grade, EDF, so that any application with or without customers’ knowledge of standards is met without sacrificing the performance or functional use requirements.

Tell us about the testing and certification methods for your products.

Greenlam’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with full-fledged in-house laboratories and test stations at various production steps to ensure the quality of the products meets the specified standards. We take immense pride in our global certifications, including Green Guard Gold, Gold Label, Singapore, ISO Certification, FSC, NSF, and IGBC, and Fire retardant certification, as per Bs1d0 standards (applicable for Greenlam Clads and NewMika FX) among others.

Greenlam Clads for modern facadessWe have published our EPD and HPD. Our REACH compliance meets the latest revisions and norms with test supports. These certifications testify to our commitment to providing products that create a safe environment for users, meet rigorous eco-friendly standards, and maintain the highest levels of quality. With these certifications, we assure our customers that our offerings not only excel in performance but also align with their values and aspirations for a sustainable and responsible future.

How to choose cladding materials like laminates?

The selection of a cladding material revolves around critical factors that determine the overall success of a building façade:

1. Protection: Façades must shield the building from climatic and mechanical impacts, ensuring the space inside remains unaffected. They should also offer privacy to occupants, safeguarding them from onlookers.

2. Durability: Lasting impressions matter, and façades should maintain their appeal over time. The strength of the cladding material is crucial to defend against fire damage, water damage, and vandalism, ensuring it withstands the test of time.

3. Sustainability: With growing environmental awareness, responsibly sourced cladding materials with minimal emissions are preferred. Exterior grade compact panels, like Greenlam Clads and NewMika FX, go beyond sustainability by providing a ventilated façade system that reduces energy consumption through improved airflow circulation.

4. Aesthetics: Design freedom and a diverse range of finishes enable the creation of unique statements or seamless blends with the surroundings, making aesthetics a top priority.

Considering these essential aspects, Greenlam Clads and NewMika FX are exceptional cladding solutions that excel in meeting all the above criteria and more. Their remarkable performance and sustainable features make them the ideal choice for innovative and enduring building façades.

Alex Joseph, Greenlam Industries Ltd.

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Alex Joseph is the Senior Vice President, Marketing of Greenlam Industries Ltd. with a distinguished career spanning over 20 years in marketing and advertising. His visionary leadership & strategic prowess have been instrumental in propelling Greenlam's brand to new heights. With a keen understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends, he consistently crafts innovative campaigns, fostering brand visibility and engagement. His commitment to creativity and mentorship further solidifies his reputation as a thought leader, while his dedication to fostering young talent continues to shape the industry's future.

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