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Ways to enhance apartment door security for renters

By: N B Semitha, TENTUFF

A great place to start if you plan to rent your apartment and want to offer peace of mind to your future tenants. As a renter, you’re probably not looking for unwanted attention from burglars. Fortunately, you can implement several security measures in your unit to help prevent this from happening.

Remember to consider the importance of good lighting.

Light is crucial for your apartment’s security. Burglars are generally less likely to break into an apartment in the middle of the day when most people are at work. The first line of defence is to ensure your apartment is well-lit. If you live in a smaller, less-visible building, you can install bright exterior lights to supplement interior lighting. You can also install motion sensors near the door that activate your lights.

Install deadbolts

Deadbolts are particularly important for renters in high-density buildings, where you may have several units on a single floor. If your unit’s entrance door is not equipped with a deadbolt, the person who rents the apartment next to you could easily access your property. To prevent this from happening, you should certainly install a deadbolt.

Install a peephole

A peephole is another way to boost your apartment’s security. A peephole is a small, round lens that you insert into the keyhole area of your door through which you can see who is at your door. This allows you to verify that nobody is knocking out of turn and lets you see who is outside your door so that you can avoid letting strangers inside.

Install motion sensors

Motion sensors are a particularly effective way to protect your property against burglars. These sensors detect movement and trigger your lights and stereo, preventing potential intruders from hiding in the shadows. These sensors are installed in areas where burglars may likely enter, such as areas near entrances or windows.

Add a keypad lock

Door Security measures for ensuring apartment securityKeys have been used for centuries to maintain and control access to the property, but the problem with it is whoever has the keys has access to it. Also, you don’t want your tenant to have access to your property after leaving your apartment. To overcome these issues, keyless entry systems have been created that don’t require keys.

Keep your property protected by CCTV.

It may not be possible to visit your rented property regularly. When you have 24-hour visible access to your rented property, you can see if any mischievous thing is happening near your door and can call the authorities immediately. But it’s important to remember that you will likely be the only person who sees a potential intruder.

Security Screens

Every tenant looks for safety. Security screen systems can solve your security concerns and give your renter maximum protection. High-quality window and door security systems can stop any intruder from breaking into your rented home. These systems on windows and doors protect against insects and pests and keep intruders and thieves out of your rented home. You can consider using these in your home to keep your pets and children safe and secure. You will have a clear view of the outside world which makes your living environment light and open.

Bottom line

Protect your asset by securing the door of your rental property. Apartment security is critical if it’s rented. Even if you think the apartment is well-protected, any intrusion can cost you or your tenant dearly. Use the strategies listed above to ensure the door to your apartment is secure.

N B Semitha, TENTUFF


N B Semitha is a Director at TENTUFF™ security door and window systems.

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