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“Biomimicry with Simple Façades will Prevail”

By: Ar. Kuber Patel, KPA 789

All our lives are based on technology. In the future, our vision of façade design will significantly evolve as the use of materials in construction takes a shift due to technological advancement. Our project Nilkanth uses parametric tools to create a simple, yet elegant façade. Experimentation is increasing on parametric design. Before Frank Gehry, we didn’t think a façade could be made of titanium. Façade materials should be lightweight, heavy materials burden ecology and the core building structure. Glass – a versatile material, that connects the outside and inside, but must be placed thoughtfully.

Biomimicry with simple façades will prevail. There are experimentations on rammed earth, and bamboo; whilst considering their longevity. Climate change has resulted in increased Air Conditioning. An optimal solution is a breathable façade. Jean Nouvel’s Barcelona building is an example with a double-skinned façade, one competing with Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia leaving Barcelona with two icons. But in tropical climates like India, one must investigate its practicality.

Facade Design using Biomimicry

I don’t see a stone façade in the future due to certain reasons; Sagrada Familia is still going on. I see a future with kinetic façades, and I think that’s a very genuine way of doing it. Aluminium is one of the best available materials. The research will before a natural material, sturdy like aluminium.

Ar. Kuber Patel, KPA 789

Principal Architect

Ar. Kuber Patel is a Principal Architect at KPA 789.

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