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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

Enabling A New Era of Innovation


It goes without saying that windows, doors and façade systems are among the key components of any building. Hence, the architectural hardware used in these should be supported by avant-garde features and technologies.

Premium Quality Handles for Doors and Windows
There is a rising demand for premium quality hardware products that offer new design options, colours, materials

With Indian market for doors, windows and façades showing positive trends on the back of increased emphasis on meeting green building standards and use of eco-friendly materials, there is a rising demand for premium quality products that offer new design options, colours, materials and above all safety and better lighting & sound insulation. Lower energy consumption is another important requirement. While the customers are mostly looking for products with customised options, the manufacturers are equally innovating with hardware, materials and futuristic technologies.

The latest range of architectural hardware used in windows and doors includes state-of-the-art components, besides different types of handles, door systems and controllers, door locks, window friction hinges and uPVC windows, among others. Even though the market is flooded with a wide range of products, the homeowners largely prefer products offering efficiency coupled with aesthetic appeal in their windows, doors and facades. Consequently, top-performing, sustainable and energy-efficient hardware for uPVC windows, doors and façades are much in demand. Moreover, corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel and aluminium are preferred by architects and the consumers alike.

Trending Door Handles The customers are mostly looking for products with customised options

Effective thermal and sound insulation without hampering sufficient air circulation is another important requirement. Apart from being easy to maintain, the windows must also offer excellent thermal insulation to ensure not only a comfortable living climate, but also lower cooling bills from air conditioning and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Technology driven automatic Door and Window Handles Manufacturers are innovating with hardware, materials and futuristic technologies

Moreover, interior designers are pushing more on hardware with flexibility in colours and materials and they want the customised products. Consequently, the use of uPVC frames and panels in windows has grown with the industry. The hardware range also includes aluminium envelopes for casement windows and façades. The latest range of architectural hardware for uPVC doors, windows also enables to improve thermal efficiency, thereby saving on energy expenses of the consumers.

The hardware and components also ensure the optimum performance of windows and doors. Especially the use of ergonomic handles that also allow ease of movement to swing open the windows for ventilation is among the latest innovations in uPVC doors, windows and fenestration systems. The latest architectural hardware range also includes secure locksets to prevent break-ins and burglary and they offer different locking points for perfect air and water tightness.

Premium Quality Door and Window Handles The hardware and components should ensure optimum performance of windows and doors

Apart from windows and doors, façade and fenestration technologies have altogether witnessed many advancements, especially in architectural hardware. With the advancements in technologies, uPVC has emerged as the most preferred material of the future as it boasts multiple unique qualities in terms of durability, efficiency, performance, aesthetics and sustainability. With potential advancements in green building movement, now there is a growing awareness among the people about the creation of greener and healthier spaces. The emerging scenario has thrown open doors to a multitude of future opportunities for all these doors and windows systems.

Ajay Khurana


Ajay Khurana has been instrumental in diversifying REHAU’s product portfolio and bringing new categories of Advanced Living Solutions into its fold. An industry veteran with over three decades of experience in building materials, automotive and industrial products, he has successfully formulated and implemented Vision 2020 for REHAU’s business besides chartering a new growth curve for it in South Asia. As a responsible employer, REHAU is committed to causes beyond its own business activities. Around the world, REHAU champions ecological, economic, social and cultural concerns. Ajay Khurana is the founder member and President (2014- 16) of UWDMA (uPVC Windows & Doors Manufacturers Association) and Representative Member of Furniture and Fitting Council of India. He has a proven success record in cultivating engineering MNC startups.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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