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Global Glass Show 2023 Abu Dhabi, UAE


TAB Group, an experienced organizer of B2B events in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, is proud to present the Global Glass Show 2023. The show will take place on September 6th-7th, 2023, in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This two-day exhibition and conference is exclusively catered to glass industry enthusiasts, professionals, leading companies, researchers, technology and solution providers, investors, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

The show will provide a unified platform and an influential gathering of the complete chain of the glass industry’s best players, buyers and sellers, showcasing glass production technology and equipment, processing, finishing, glass products and applications, facades and windows for architecture & automotive, raw materials, various tools, accessories, and auxiliary equipment, software testing technology, and related equipment of the glass industry to serve the overall developments in the region.

“Considering the UAE’s glass industry market which is increasing with each passing day, it is no surprise that it holds so much potential as an investable option. Through GGS 2023, we are facilitating a platform where glass industry leaders – both from flat, container glass, automotive glass, architectural glass, container glass, adhesive, furnace, equipment, processing, and solution providers will meet, collaborate and talk strategic business with one another.” said Zareen Akhtar, Project Manager – Global Glass Show, 2023.

Gass industry has always piqued the interest of the world. The futuristic designs, artistic gloss materials,  beautiful glass window finishings, doors, and other industries such as packaging, container glass, boxes, and many more have always stayed ahead  – thanks to the latest technologies and advancements in the UAE’s glass market. The only need is for global companies to come and explore this industry through an excellent exhibition and high-end conference.

With a focus on the top growth markets in the Middle East, the Global Glass Show 2023 will act as a catalyst for solving the industry’s most pressing challenges and exploring the most groundbreaking themes, encouraging close relationships within the community from the glass industry.

The exhibition and high-level conference will feature 1500+ targeted attendees,  500+ senior delegates, 350+ related companies, 75+ exhibitors and sponsors, and 30+ speakers over 2 business networking days – along with an opportunity for global companies to explore the Emirates’ glass industry and take their businesses to new heights.

Join the highly potential industry event to experience and take advanage of the latest technical developments in the glass industry and the region.

Project Manager- GLOBAL GLASS SHOW, 2023
Cell / WhatsApp +91 9639085912

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