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“Alstone is Known for Impeccable Quality & Innovation in the Indian ACM Market”

By: Pankaj Malhotra, ALSTONE

Could you please tell our readers about Alstone and its product offerings?

Alstone has been a leading brand in the cladding industry for almost two decades now. At Alstone we manufacture a wide range of Metal Composite Panels with manufacturing units in India and Dubai (Brand name “Emerge UK”) to cater the demand of national and international markets.

The available Products in the portfolio are

• Alstone—Classic & Evolution, Antiq, Stonera – (Aluminium Composite Panels),
• Alstone Alcomb (Aluminium Honeycomb Panel),
• Alstone FR (Fire Retardant Metal Composite Panel)
• Alstone Zinc (Zinc Composite Panel)
• Alstone HPL (Aluminium based High-Pressure Laminates)
• Alstone Louvers (Metal Composite Panel-based Louvers)
• Alstone Ventilated Fin Louvers (Metal Composite Panel-based Louvers which provide ventilation that is air flow and daylight)

Products from alstoneIn what specific ways do your products stand out from others in the market, and what benefits do they offer to customers?

Alstone is known for impeccable quality & innovation in the Indian Aluminium Composite Metal (ACM) Market. We were the first one in India to introduce a range of new products like metal-based HPL, Louvers, Ventilated Fin Louvers & Alcomb (Aluminium Honeycomb Panels). We recently tied up with the global leader VMZINC France in Zinc rolled products to give Indian market Zinc Composite Panels. We invest consistently in R & D to ensure future-ready products for amazing cladding and a safe environment.

Are there any certifications or standards you adhere to that demonstrate your commitment to product quality and sustainability?

All Alstone Products are tested as per guidelines & norms of the industry for the relevant application. Alstone products are both tested in Indian NABL-accredited test labs & internationally. In order to maintain the product’s quality, three critical parameters of raw material, and produced goods both are tested before distribution.

A) Certifications—We have all the requisite certifications from
• EN13501 (Products’ Reaction to fire test)— By TBW ( Thomas Bell Wright – Dubai),
• ASTM119 (System Integrated Fire Test)—By TBW (Thomas Bell Wright – Dubai),
• NFPA 285 (Resistance to Fire Test)—By WINWALL Technology India Pvt Ltd.

Also, we have coating and paint certification from international agencies. Further, we get testing done from accredited labs and IIT, etc. as per the project requirement Moreover, we ensure that all the product lots are tested on critical parameters of strength & durability in our in-house lab before leaving the manufacturing facility, Reassuring ourselves that we deliver the same trust and quality to our consumers every time.

Can you elaborate on your distribution strategy and how it supports the timely delivery of your products?

Alstone LouversWe Have 16 branch offices and warehouses across India from where we ensure timely delivery of our products Pan India. Further a dealer cum distributor network of 400+ channel partners is there PAN India to serve our customers and consumers on time. We also have a dedicated sales force who ensure to connect and communicate with all the influencers, channel partners, contractors, and various departments in both public and private domains, to ensure that all relevant support is provided.

What is your approach to growth and expansion, and what strategies do you employ to achieve them?

To support the dream of our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Alstone is relentlessly working on Green Building Solutions with fire safety features and NET ZERO CONCEPT in cladding along with the end-to-end solution. Our Managing Director, Mr. Sumit Gupta believes in quality and innovation, which clearly means that we do not compromise on any quality parameter, hence we continue to enjoy the patronage of our customers for almost two decades now. Strategically we are working on a few guiding principles

• Product Innovation – Keeping in view the green building concept, we are consistently working to create an environment-friendly cladding solution.

• Application system – In order to ensure end-to-end solutions to the customers, we are looking forward to educating the applicators and designing a world-class application system

• Automation & Process Orientation – We are moving towards an automated process-oriented system across verticals and functions to provide professional service to all the internal and external customers

• Diversification – We are working on adding more environment-friendly products to make the Alstone brand future ready and get to our vision of making it “The most preferred brand” in the segment.

• Channel Management – To get closer to all stakeholders, we are revamping our segment-wise Channel plans consistently and activities to understand their needs better while serving the consumers.

We believe, practising these in its pristine form will surely get us to our mission of providing environment-friendly cladding solutions. Think Cladding Think Alstone!!

For more details on the product, contact:
Alstone Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.
15th Floor, Vijaya Building, Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001, India
Contact: +91-11-41232400

Pankaj Malhotra, ALSTONE

National Sales Head

Pankaj Malhotra is the National Sales Head at ALSTONE

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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