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Corrosion Resistant Hardware for uPVC Systems from OBEN


OBEN, one of the system providers for uPVC windows and doors, offers customised Corrosion Resistant Hardware for uPVC systems. The smooth operation of windows is a very common concern for a home owner who has a uPVC window or door installed at his or her home.

OBEN, being a system provider for uPVC windows and doors, offers customised solutions for hardware. Considering the diverse climatic conditions in India, corrosion-resistant products are the first choice of every customer, and OBEN is very particular in offering a product range that ensures all aspects are taken care of for smooth function and a longer life of the window.

OBEN understands the needs of customers and offers a wide range of products, hand-picked from the best sources across the world.

Espagnolettes (Multi-point locking gear rod):

Offered by OBEN, they conform to Grade 5 corrosion standards as per BS EN 1670:2007 (480 hours of salt spray test for red rust) by anti-corrosion sealant application on zinc-plated carbon steel.

1. Casement Espagnolette comes in a 22mm backset and is available in sizes like 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1600, and 1800mm.

2. Espagnolette for Casement doors (integrated lock 35/85mm), available in 1600 and 1800 mm lengths.

3. Sliding Espagnolettes with 15mm backset are available in sizes like 600, 1200, 1600, 1800, and 2000 mm.

4. Sliding Espagnolettes with a 7.5mm backset are also available in sizes like 1000, 1400, 1600, and 1800 mm.

5. Single plate casement Espagnolette for Grill and mesh applications are available in sizes like 800 and 1200mm with a 22 mm backset.

Casement Strikers are available for 9 Axis and 13 Axis for Casement window and door applications, making them compatible with almost all profile brands in India. The Casement strikers are in zinc alloy, whereas sliding strikers are available in both SS304 and carbon steel materials.

Rollers for windows / doors:

The critical parameters of rollers are:

Dimensions (width & height) to provide the system overlap – frame & sash • Body material (chrome-plated steel, SS, nylon)
Wheel material (nylon, steel, copper, etc.)
Types of bearings (needle bearing, ball bearing, etc.)
Weight bearing capability, per pair
Height adjustment range for adjustable double rollers.

OBEN offers adjustable double rollers in stainless steel (SS304 / SS201) bodies with ball bearings to make the product rust-proof and ensure smooth sliding operation. The advantage of using OBEN rollers is smoothness while sliding without any noise. This is possible only when suitable rollers are used, depending on the application. For example, adjustable double rollers for sliding doors are designed with an adjustment range to suit different profile systems. The wheels are fitted with ball bearings to ensure smooth sliding without damaging the sliding aluminium track and to provide a long life to the system.

OBEN offers rollers with precise measurements that fit the window or door requirements. Before installing, consult the company’s experts about selecting the right roller. As one of the regular suppliers of various rollers for uPVC systems in India, OBEN offers high performance rollers for sliding windows / doors. OBEN caters to many fabricators, spread across the country.

For more details on the product, contact:
NCL VEKA Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: 1800 266 0106

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