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BM Windows supplies façade for The One, a new “landmark” building in Canada

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Mizrahi Developments has introduced its visionary project, “The One,” a remarkable 91-story structure that is set to become Canada’s tallest building. This iconic addition to the city’s skyline not only embodies the vibrant essence of urban life but also stands as a testament to BM Windows’ exceptional capabilities. The company has successfully secured the contract to provide the façade for “The One,” marking a significant milestone in its global expansion endeavours.

Facade Design of The One Project, Canada by BM Windows

Designed by the renowned architectural firm Foster+Partners and developed by Mizrahi Developments under the leadership of founder Sam Mizrahi, “The One” is a highly anticipated “supertall” building located in Toronto.

Positioned at the dynamic intersection of Yonge and Bloor in the heart of Yorkville, this iconic tower serves as a symbol of the city’s bustling commercial and cultural hub. With Mizrahi’s vision and Foster+Partners’ architectural prowess, “The One” is poised to become a defining landmark that exudes modern luxury and sophistication in Toronto. It also promises to be a focal point of vibrant activities in Canada, being the nation’s tallest residential building and its inaugural supertall skyscraper according to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s criteria.

BM Windows is tasked with supplying over 7000 units of unitized panels to cover a vast area of 26,658 square meters for “The One.” The project’s intricate design encompasses more than 38 distinct panel types, demanding a high level of technical expertise in manufacturing. Panel dimensions range typically from 1.2×3.3 meters, with some panels extending to the maximum size of 1.2×6 meters. The production timeline spans from July 2023 to May 2025.

Facade Design of The One Project, Canada by BM Windows

The façade of “The One” is meticulously crafted to meet the stringent technical quality standards of a “super high-rise” building and adheres to rigorous North American guidelines. BM Windows’ entire façade system undergoes rigorous testing and approval according to ASTM International standards. This includes wind pressure resistance of up to 4.0kPa and impressive performance metrics related to thermal insulation, waterproofing, airtightness, sound insulation, and durability. Utilizing aluminium frames with thermal breaks, high-quality glass, and low thermal transmission auxiliary materials, the design ensures optimal energy efficiency, even in Canada’s harsh climate where temperatures can drop to -18°C.

Facade Design of The One Project, Canada by BM Windows

“The One” project presents BM Windows with a remarkable opportunity to showcase its expertise on an international platform. As its products venture into new horizons, BM Windows takes a significant stride towards establishing itself as a trusted supplier in the global market and reaffirms its commitment to delivering top-tier solutions that meet the demands of world-class projects.

BM Windows specializes in shaping solutions and aluminium and glass façades in Vietnam and the surrounding region. With a steadfast focus on quality and aesthetics, the company annually delivers over 2,000,000 square meters of aluminium and glass façades to the market. Aligned with the rising requirements of the Vietnamese construction industry, BM Windows‘ strategic approach positions it for significant achievements in the near future.

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