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Comfortable Living & Working in High-Rises Through Controlled Continuous Ventilation

By: Makarand Kendre, Renson Ventilation NV

Studies have shown that no less than 80% of people in high-rise office buildings or apartment buildings still want to feel like they can bring fresh air inside. But opening a window isn’t always an option in this case. That is why High-rise Ventilation is of major importance, it makes sure that people can healthily and comfortably live and work in high-rises.

Renson Hi Rise Ventilation integrated into Alumil windows
Renson Hi Rise Ventilation integrated into Alumil windows

Energy efficiency and aesthetics are also very important to every project developer. All of this combines into customised solutions for every type of high-rise.

Customised ventilation louvers always provide a great alternative to supply the necessary fresh air in the curtain walls that are so often characteristic of high-rises. They are aesthetically integrated and compliant with the requirements for acoustics, wind resistance, airflow, rain, insects, security, and the possibility to regulate this yourself.


A high-end residential tower - 25 South by Hubtown Developers at Prabhadevi, Mumbai
A high-end residential tower – 25 South by Hubtown Developers at Prabhadevi, Mumbai

Residents pollute the indoor air by breathing and perspiring, but Ventilators nicely gets integrated into any type of window system Renson Hi Rise Ventilation integrated into Alumil windows their activities (cooking, showering, heating, smoking, …) and the house itself (volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and terpenes) also contribute to poorer air quality. If you insulate excessively or ventilate insufficiently, you will have to deal with stale, polluted air and create a breeding ground for annoying dust mites, fungi, viruses, bacteria, moisture accumulation, CO2 and high concentrations of harmful gases (such as radon) are also among the risks.

Continuous ventilation is a must if you want to maximise the quality of life indoors and achieve a healthy living climate. After all, you spend 85 % of your time indoors. Ventilation helps avoid unpleasant odours, allergies and other health problems. In addition, your building or home will be protected against condensation problems and mold formation. In other words: a reliable ventilation system that does not interfere with comfort is an absolute must.

Over the course of time, a poor indoor climate can adversely affect the health of the occupants. Difficulty in breathing, dry throats, eye irritation, headaches, allergies, loss of concentration, lack of energy, or sleepiness are just a few of the possible consequences. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure thorough ventilation on a continuous basis.

Ventilation Solution that’s good for the Occupant and the Home

Renson Ventilation Louvers

Many people are convinced that occasionally leaving the windows open is sufficient to achieve the necessary ventilation. However, this only achieves a temporary and gives a localised effect. Moreover, one cannot achieve controlled ventilation by simply opening windows, and the result is a waste of valuable energy. In addition, open windows also bring in noise and are an open invitation to burglars and annoying insects. Continuous and controlled ventilation is your only guarantee of a healthy indoor climate. Contaminated indoor air is expelled and continuously replaced by fresh outdoor air. The home is ‘rinsed’ with fresh air, as it were.

Makarand Kendre, Renson Ventilation NV

Area Sales Manager Indian Subcontinent

Makarand Kendre is working as an Area Sales Manager for the Indian subcontinent for Renson Ventilation & Sun Protection NV. He is a mechanical engineer with MBA in Marketing from Pune university. He has successfully set up distribution channels, and showroom partners for Renson across India. Presently he is responsible for the overall operations of Renson in India. Renson started operations in India in 2015. Renson manufactures window ventilation, motorised mesh, motorised roofs, performance louvers and internal door hardware systems.

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