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The Smart City Casement Window Objective: Perennially open windows for the tropics


Why Casement Windows for Homes?

1. Most robust of all windows
2. 200% more ventilation compared to slide windows

Minimum Features of a Home Window

 Smart City Casement Windowb by FIQX Controls1. Enable Maximum cross ventilation inside homes
2. Admit maximum daylight into homes
3. Protect interiors from bad weather, rains, dust or snow as long as such threats last
4. Prevent house breaks, strays, Insect entry into homes at all times, whether window is opened or closed
5. Effortless and rapid deployment or withdrawal of windows at will
6. Avoid air conditioner use, by 24×7 natural cooling with just ceiling fans
7. Promotes better health and energy to the inmate
8. No window should ever remain closed long enough to allow accumulation of heat inside homes.

Only a casement window with its sashes in 90º degree open position is capable of admitting the maximum atmospheric air into the interiors by catching both the straight winds and cross winds that blow across its face. Historical Drawbacks: In its 400-year history, there have been serious unsolved operational issues that made the conventional casement window unpopular with users. It’s a highly arduous task to open/close them. A casement window is far from being a user-friendly piece of equipment even today.

The minimum operational sequence of a casement window is listed below. 90% of all home windows remain shut for the following reasons.

The FIQX controls smart city windows
The FIQX controls smart city windows

1. Displace any pre-existing mosquito meshes and curtains or blinds

2. Force one’s hands, through the narrow security grill gaps, to reach out to each sash(shutter) and pull them in multiple times

3. Disengage the anchoring levers and pull the sashes in

4. Engage the latches or tower bolts to secure the sash in position

5. Repeat the above procedure for each sash of a window (up to 5 sashes can be expected in every window)

6. Restore the mosquito mesh and the blinds or curtains as before

7. This is the procedure to close each window of a home. Imagine doing this to an average of 10 windows in a typical urban home. This can be a nightmare for the daily deployment of windows in a home

The Net Outcome:

Users are never inclined to open any window. It is an eyesore, to see numerous homes in urban centres, using main doors with mosquito mesh for ventilation. While every window remains closed. European standard windows designed for their Arctic weather are far removed from the demands of the tropics.

The Solution:

In tropical and sub-tropical countries, it is desirable to have cross ventilation in every home with all windows opened perennially. And windows are to be shut only in the event of bad weather, sudden showers, or dust winds. Permanent mosquito meshes and dust filter options are provided. Windows used in European environments must deliver, on the aspects of leak-free closure, sound insulation, and weather-resistant features. While in tropical/sub-tropical countries it must be ensured that windows are open round the clock. Enable 24×7 air circulation, help in improved health of the inmates cut down the heat inside the rooms, and save on the use of Air conditioners.

FIQX Window Hardware A simple technical advancement of the system is required to enable the opening/ closing of windows with effortless ease and at a rapid pace. The FIQX Controls Smart city windows are designed precisely to overcome all the existing flaws in conventional casement windows. No more outstanding issues with casement windows.

Standard Feature of a New Age Smart Casement Window:

1. Non-intrusive opening/closing of sashes. Thumbwheel will close/ open all sashes of a window synchronously.

2. No more necessary to displace the already existing mosquito mesh or blinds. As it is non-intrusive.

3. Sashes(shutters) do not need any ugly levers to anchor them in their fully or partially opened position. The sashes do not even need tower bolts or latches to hold their position when fully shut.

4. Security grill gaps can be further narrowed to stop stray animals like Cats, bats, pests, etc. from gaining entry.

5. Permanent mosquito mesh can protect the indoors from mosquitos and still admit enough fresh air and daylight inside, in abundance.

6. The automatic version totally frees the home keepers from any more human intervention in window operations.

7. The automatic smart window takes over the daily routine open/close functions as per the time setting and also during emergencies like fire or rain shower.

8. Close/open time 8 seconds maximum by manual mode, for any number of sashes

Smart City Window on Turbo WheelsThe window shutter closing thrust is exceptionally high and so there is no more necessity for tower bolts or latches. Windows will cease to be a nightmare for homes. The automated version of the FIQX controls window further eases operations.

For commercial apartments, this smart window will be a huge blessing in the event of a fire or sudden thundershower. All the windows will close automatically in both cases. Besides timed closing and opening can be programmed into the controller. Inmates in any room can override the automated status, by manual operation. Accidents with children in a high-rise building are very real with sliding windows. FIQX Controls smart windows do not expose children to possible accidents from high-rise apartments.

The additional cost of the operating engine mechanism is a mere Rs2000/- above the current manufacturing (cost for the manual operation models). The robust mechanism has no maintenance.

A patent is published.

For more details on the product, contact:
FIQX Controls
Contact: +91 94002 03539

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