As global experts in passive fire protection for building facades, Siderise Insulation recognises the vital role it needs to play in supporting the industry in India. This is why it has launched Go Beyond — an initiative to highlight how Siderise seeks to go beyond simply manufacturing cavity barriers and firestops. Its high-performance, robustly tested, and third-party certified products and systems are underpinned with extensive technical support and services as standard to encourage best-practice specification and installation and promote higher building safety standards.

This starts with the products and systems themselves, which are comprehensively fire tested to national and international standards— with over 250 large-scale system tests and more than 150 fire resistance tests across 300+ products to date. This diligent approach to testing has been further fortified with a £1 million investment into its very own Innovation Centre. Operational from January 2023, it features a specialist fire test furnace, allowing it to conduct R&D in a secure environment, expand the scope of use for its products, enhance its quality control procedures and engineer more bespoke solutions than ever before.

Siderise Insulation
Siderise Insulation is committed to working as your trusted partner who stands by your side through the entire construction process

To equip its customers with the right information and guidance, Siderise has developed one of the most well-resourced and highly-trained technical services teams in the industry. With a huge amount of product test data and decades of experience at their fingertips, they offer free assistance, including specification advice, detailing, engineering judgments and CPD seminars.

This technical support continues onsite, with its dedicated Site Services team and partnership with construction specialists, Allarch India. In addition to providing project-specific advice, the team was the first in the industry to have their Product Installation Training Delivery Method certified to ISO 29993: 2017 and in the last year delivered training to over 2,000 people and conducted over 1,350 site visits. They also offer free installation inspections, either in-person or remotely via the revolutionary Siderise Inspection App.

Technical and Compliance Director (MEIAP), Sreenivas Narayanan, explains how Go Beyond® defines the company, both historically and into the future: “When it comes to fire safety, we know that doing ‘just enough’ is never enough. Driven by our ethos of “integrity in all we do”, Siderise has always sought to deliver a service beyond the standard expectations of a product manufacturer, supporting our stakeholders from specification to handover with advanced technology services and digital tools— all for free. Go Beyond® not only describes what we see as our role in this life-critical industry but communicates the value of partnering with us to ensure a better, safer global built environment for all.”

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