Ozone, the leading player in Architectural Hardware Segment, introduces Smart Glide Automatic Sliding Door System under its flagship brand Ozomotion. The New Ozone Smart Glide System runs on magnetic linear motor technology which is a noiseless, safe and reliable operating mechanism. Unlike other automatic door operators that run on motor and belts, Ozone Smart Glide is a low-energy operator.

The Door System comes with a remote control and push button, though other access control devices can be integrated with it like microwave sensor & handwave sensor. It is offered in two variants, Smart Glide 80 for door weight 30-80 Kgs and Smart Glide 150 for door weight 50-150 Kgs. Ozone Smart Glide’s compact and linear construction offers design flexibility to suit the user’s aesthetic and functional needs. It can be applied for single or double sliding door panels of wooden or glass finishes.

With its slim linear size and alterable track lengths, Smart Glide Systems can be easily fitted into any space that has access to an electrical point. It is suitable for retrofitting onto existing sliding doorways and very easy to install. In spaces where user safety is crucial, Ozone Smart Glide System comes with anti-pinch protection that responds quickly to any obstruction.

Its door speed can be adjusted as per user profiles like if it is to be used by children and elderly or with medical needs, door speed can be adjusted to create safe entrance. Sliding Door with Smart Glide is very easy to operate using the access control device yet a light push will activate the operator’s power-assist function to gently and silently open, making it ideal for homes and the medical industry. In case of power failure, the door can be operated manually without any resistance. It finds its application in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, commercial spaces, offices and homes. It is an ideal application for medical spaces as its operator requires minimal effort to slide open the door making it best to be used by wheel chair- bound patients, the elderly or children.

For more details on the product, visit: www.ozone-india.com.

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