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Kingston – A Name Synonym for Consistent Quality & Professional Commitment


Kingston Multi Products India (P) Ltd is a New Delhi-based business organization established in 2010, with a vision of providing qualitative economic range solutions to various industry segments related to construction, automotive, interiors, uPVC, etc.

PANKAJ BAHL Director of Kingston
PANKAJ BAHL Director of Kingston Multi Products India (P) Ltd

Brand Kingston and Insta is a part of IK Group comprising two ventures – Glorious products (India) Pvt Ltd (INSTA) and Kingston Multi Products (India) Pvt Ltd, having a diversified range of building hardware and construction products.

In 2010, Kingston introduced a fast & easy false ceiling installation solution to the market in acoustical false ceilings, tee-grid sections, acoustic wall panels and then expanded to many types of sealants and adhesives supporting various industries for Glass, hardware, automotive, uPVC, Solar, decor building, etc.

Kingston Sealants commits to providing the best solutions for sealing, bonding, caulking, and insulating by supplying spray polyurethane foam, silicone sealant, acrylic paintable sealant, polyurethane sealant, and construction adhesive, and so on.

Kingston is a well-known brand in India and neighboring countries. They gradually developed products that were suitable for Indian industry as well as for our neighboring countries as per their customized requirements. The company is focused on delivering qualitative products to masses that are solution-oriented for the application hence delivering the promised performance.

DHEERAJ GUPTA Director – Sales, in Kingston
DHEERAJ GUPTA Director – Sales,  Multi Products India (P) Ltd

With premium product quality and 11 years of effort, and also becomes the market leader in the false ceilings and silicone sealant industry. Its product meets the European standard and qualities parameters measured and certified by well-established labs of India like SGS, ARAI, and CPWD Institution.

Kingston Multi Products India (P) Ltd.
805, 8th Floor, D Mall,
Netaji Subhash Place,
Tel: +91 9899983249

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