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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

Deceuninck Collaborates with Renowned Hardware Producers to Create Efficient Hardware Solutions


Chicken and Egg – Profile and Hardware: A Complex Relationship Similar to the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, it is challenging to determine whether the profile or the hardware takes precedence in window system development. While many argue that the profile comes first, there is merit in designing the profile to align with existing standard grooves or back sets for cost efficiency. But where does innovation fit into this equation?

That’s precisely why we emphasize the need for close partnerships with hardware companies to develop critical components. Deceuninck collaborates with renowned hardware producers like Siegenia and Hoppe, among others, to create hardware solutions that seamlessly integrate with our Profile System.

A truly exclusive shift and slide system, Legend Slide offers superior efficiency, ease of fabrication, enhanced air and water tightness, and structural stability. For this project, Deceuninck worked exclusively with Siegenia. Additionally, and developed a modified version in collaboration with Roto. Legend Art, our latest casement window system based on the 70mm platform features an incredibly slim rebate of 9mm, presenting a significant challenge in hinge development. We had to design, develop, and rigorously test hinges within a tight timeframe to ensure a successful product launch. The prototype testing relied on the profile, making its availability crucial. The die cost for a UPVC profile is high. We had to work on an entire series of profiles. With the help of hardware partners, we were able to develop and successfully launch The Legend Art.

Customized Shift & Slide Hardware
Customized Shift & Slide Hardware

The hinges underwent rigorous testing according to the EN 13126-8 standard, withstanding a load of 95 Kg. We are currently exploring options for heavier glass to accommodate larger sashes. The locking system, encompassing the handle, espagnolette, corner transmission, and strikers, plays a pivotal role in window design. A good handle alone is insufficient; the handle’s position, its connection with the espagnolette, and the engagement of pins with the strikers ensure optimal air and water tightness under varying weather conditions.

While a well-designed window is essential, its proper installation is equally crucial. Right peripheral sealing poses a major challenge during installation. Often, clients and architects insist on a completely gapless installation between the frame and masonry, exerting undue stress on uPVC frames. It is imperative to allow for expansion during summer or daytime, particularly for colour profiles that absorb more heat. A gap of 5mm to 8mm (or more for larger windows) is necessary. Sealing this gap post-installation presents its own set of challenges.

Acrylic sealant is commonly recommended for the inside of the window frame. It is a paintable sealant that provides good adhesion and flexibility. Acrylic sealant is not recommended for exterior applications since it is susceptible to cracking when exposed to UV radiation from sunlight. Deceuninck conducts extensive testing in different markets and collaborated with Dow for adhesion tests on both white and colour profiles.

It is recommended to use the right sealant which is compatible or shows good adhesion with UPVC and masonry. Additionally, we are actively working on a sealant tape/window sealing tape solution, which promises to address sealing and installation issues comprehensively. We are currently assessing costs and volumes for the Indian market. The intricate relationship between profiles, hardware, innovation, and installation underscores the complexity of window system development. By fostering partnerships, conducting thorough testing, and exploring new solutions, Deceuninck strives to deliver high-quality, technically advanced UPVC window systems to meet the diverse needs of our customers. (Author: Satish Kumar, Group Business Development Director, Deceuninck Group)

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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