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“Product Integrity, Process Automation, Agility and Sustainability in Every Facet will be the Trend Going Forward”

By: Avanish Singh Visen, ENCRAFT India Pvt. Ltd. (Part of DCJ Group)

The fenestration industry is constantly evolving, and the aluminium profile market will continue to rise over the projected horizon. The ever-growing consumer needs and the changing regulations call for innovation and futuristic technologies in the fenestration industry.

Lift & Slide Aluminium door from Encraf
Lift & Slide Aluminium door from Encraft

Consumer Preferences Drive Residential Fenestration Trends 

Understanding fenestration trends start by observing the market insights and studying the mindsets of consumers. Today, more people are simplifying their lives and homes while forging a deeper connection with nature and the environment. Everyone is interested in more daylight. The emerging trend toward contemporary design dovetails with the desire for larger and more view providing windows and doors with a minimalist perspective on obtrusive framing.

Manufacturers are seeing an uptick in requests for expansive, large door products, such as folding door products that work to erase the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Increased Demand for Fenestration Products – The residential fenestration industry is prime for growth in demand. One of the key indicators of residential fenestration industry growth is new single-family home constructions. Another key indicator is remodelling activity, which has consistently trended upward since 2017 but is projected to continue through 2030.

The real estate sector in India continues to seek greener pastures, thus the related segments, including the windows & door market will boom. It is also evident that, with a huge number of multi-story apartments coming up, even in tier 2 and 3 cities, demand for traditional steel and wooden doors and windows is decreasing while aluminium & uPVC products are increasing. The popularity of aluminium products is going to reach new heights in the coming years.

Vertical Slider Aluminium Windows by Encraft
Vertical Slider Aluminium Windows by Encraft

Advancements in Fenestration Technology & Materials 

As consumers require more in terms of fenestration size and style, the technology used to manufacture aluminium windows and doors have kept pace. Previously, builders could simply fill the opening. Today, however, homeowners require windows and doors that align with the holistic style of the home. Product integrity, process automation, agility, and sustainability in every facet will be the trend going forward as these elements add value to consumers, the community, and the environment. The government of India has already declared Vision 2030, encouraging R&D, “Make in India”, thus enabling India as a global hub to conduct various business operations.

In the next 10 years, India is going to attract the world’s attention with many innovations in the fenestration industry, in terms of trade, ease of doing business, and so on. “Post-Covid, the industry is seeing a 90-degree growth. We are happy to say that our company Encraft after Covid has grown by more than 60%. And if I talk about the next few years, we are very sure about very good growth. This is the golden time for all manufacturing companies, whether in the fenestration industry or any other sector”. The whole globe is looking for reliable suppliers to source the products from. And to get that reliable supply source, India is one of the most favourable options.

An Encraft Showroom
An Encraft Showroom

India’s GDP is growing rapidly, which means there is vast progress in all the segments, whether you talk about the uPVC or the whole fenestration industry. I would also like to give a message to all my fellow industry players – please buckle up because we are ready to take up the flight. There is so much coming on our way, the whole fenestration industry should be ready to contribute the best to our nation and beyond.

Avanish Singh Visen, ENCRAFT India Pvt. Ltd. (Part of DCJ Group)

Director & CEO

Avanish Singh Visen- is Director and CEO, DCJ Group, Encraf Pvt. Ltd , a company having Innovative Product designs with fast response to market and also Member of the “INDIAN GREEN BUILD COUNCIL“

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