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Global TPE Sealing Solutions from Conta


Conta Elastic Products started extrusion of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) based products in 2004 and since 2020, the company will serve its customers in their recent plant which is 40,000 Sq m. Our R&D, mold and design departments continue to provide good quality and trouble-free service to our customers in many industries. Additionally, through our production facilities in the US and China, we offer service comfort to our customers worldwide.

Since the establishment of Conta Elastic Products, the construction sector has been our major market, followed by the white goods sector which is growing continuously every year. Our top priority is to provide high-quality products and innovative solutions for all our sectors. We have a dedicated R&D centre ensures development in new as well as existing sectors. We have always given importance to development within our company and have tried to create a competitive environment by employing Blue Ocean strategies within the organisation.

We have developed a new product after collecting feedback from the market through on-field research and customer surveys. This novel technology, which is first of its kind in window sector, addresses the common problems associated with window gaskets, for instance, gasket folding inwards during glass assembly, shortening of the gasket after installation and collection of dirt on the outer surface. All these issues lead to aesthetically unpleasing window. In order to tackle these problems, our R&D department took motivation from the automotive industry and developed slip coat technology for window gaskets. We have received a patent for this technology by the Turkish Patent Institute.

The slip coat gasket has three main parts:

1. Soft part for sealing: It is exposed to dynamic motions and environment and therefore a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material with good compression set and high resistance to UV and ozone is selected. This ensures excellent sealing and long life.

2. Hard structural part: Made from hard Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) for a perfect fit inside the profile channel so that gasket does not come out of the channel and there is no shortening or sliding.

3. Slip coat: Smooth and slippery Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) coating for easy cleaning and aesthetic appearance plus additional abrasion and weather resistance.

Conta TPE gaskets are compatible with all window systems and profile cross-sections. The most preferred colours in our sector are RAL 7040, RAL 7035 and black. Currently, we export to more than 30 countries and with the establishment of Conta North America and Ningbo Conta Sealing Products in 2014, we achieved our dream of being a truly global TPE gasket.

Conta Offering :

Automatic insertion during profile extrusion
Corner welding is possible
Available in various colours
It does not come out of the profile channel
Dirt and water repellent slippery coating
No inward folding or shortening of the gasket

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Sudhakar Windows and Doors

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