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Innovative Glass and Glazing Solutions

By: Rounaq K. Choudhari, Micasa Luxuries

Clear glass has become increasingly popular as a glazing substance recently, especially for windows. Although glass is tough and lets a lot of sunlight into buildings, it offers little to no resistance to the passage of heat. Glass that has been sandblasted, frosted, or etched is the glazing material of choice for the majority of builders. Budget restrictions often force people to forgo such an extravagant choice, which is where alternative glazing materials come into play.

Indiabulls Blu, Worli, Mumbai
Indiabulls Blu, Worli, Mumbai

Alternative glazing materials come in a variety of forms, and the new generation of materials offers customers windows with better performance and efficiency. While the market is quickly embracing this new breed of glazing materials, research into more effective technologies continues.

Alternative Materials for Glazing

As more builders and designers become aware of the need to use energy-efficient materials, a variety of glazing materials have emerged. There is no one glazing type that works for all uses. Alternative materials with various functions are widely accessible and include polycarbonate (PC), polyethylene (PE), acrylic, fibreglass and PVC. Additionally, due to the orientation of the windows and the regional climate, clients might believe that a home requires the use of two different types of glazing. Let’s examine each of these substances individually and learn more about them.

Future of Alternate Glazing Materials

With many more alternate glazing materials already in the category, researchers are still busy developing new kinds of windows called “smart windows” or chromogenic or optical switching windows which will enable windows to adjust their transmittance vis-à-vis the temperature (thermochromic) or light (photochromic) fluctuations or in response to small electrical currents (electrochromic). With a host of options available for glazing besides glass, the future definitely looks brighter and lighter! One such project successfully executed is Bagmane Rio – the world’s largest electrochromic glass project.

Samudhura Capitol Towers, Bengaluru
Samudhura Capitol Towers, Bengaluru

Let’s look at some of the prestigious projects in the world in which Glass is used efficiently and effectively:

Currently, we are in the process of executing the prestigious tower for Samudhura Group, the Samudhura Capitol, which is a 1.4 million sq ft of commercial space. We are also doing Taurus 4- Amazon Office for Bagmane Group in Bengaluru. Delhi International Airport, The Park- Lodha, Embassy Tech Zone, Pune, and Wipor SEZ are some of the interesting projects.

Thoughts on Making a Facade Innovative

So, in my opinion, innovation and sustainability are perhaps the most preferred word in the world of architecture lately. In light of climate change and the growing population, a larger group of consumers have limited resources, resulting in developers and architects looking for innovative facade developers.

Bagmane Rio
Bagmane Rio

If I have to note down a few points for façade innovation, I would say the façade needs to be not only visually appealing on the exteriors of a building but also driven with high-end technology and performance when it comes to functionality. Taking the example of Rio-Business Park, the facade is not just visibly entreating but also caters to high-end performance and functionality with the innovation of dynamic glass and smart façades. All in all, I believe, the innovation of smart facades is a trend in this industry as we lead travel towards the future.

Sustainable Fenestrations

“All fenestrations in the future will have a minimum carbon footprint”. Modern, durable fenestration has been demonstrated effective. Future fenestration will all be processed and/or made with a minimum carbon footprint. Use of renewable energy, minimal or no waste of raw materials, a life cycle that is comparable to that of the entire building envelope, fully recyclable materials, and contributions to energy and CO2 reduction are the necessary steps for the same.

Delhi International Airport, T3
Delhi International Airport, T3

Additionally, they should be cost-effective, safe to use, offer traditional or contemporary designs, and operate ergonomically, particularly for the ageing population. Any of the known fenestration materials will have a difficult time meeting these required characteristics. The industry hasn’t yet discovered the “ideal” frame substance that meets every requirement.

The real application will always determine the best or most appropriate fenestration solution in terms of frame material and glass. It is crucial to be aware of some innate material flaws. By altering design parameters to capitalise on the strengths of their chosen material combination, architects and fenestration designers can effectively overcome those.

The Characteristics Of a High-Performing Facade

Taj Trees, Vikhroli, Mumbai
Taj Trees, Vikhroli, Mumbai

The building skin can control heat transfer, provide natural ventilation, improve occupant well-being, and establish visible and physical connections between inside and out, as opposed to acting as a static enclosure.

Improvements in Materials and Facade Technology

A façade that is ecologically responsive, self-cleaning, information sensitive, and communicative would be a component of advanced façade technology. Consequently, architects and fenestration designers will select the substance.

Energy-Harvesting Facades

The most recent development in the façade business is energy harvesting façades, which use solar panels installed on the façades to collect more energy. However, this could lead to poor lighting conditions inside the building. Automated frame production lines must have high volume, a narrow product range, and superb production planning. The majority of fabricators have been discouraged from making the significant step change due to the necessary factory area, the high investment level, and the sporadic, unpredictable order intake.

Bagmane Rio, an office complex
Bagmane Rio, an office complex

The choice of cutting/machining centres, flatbed multi-head welders, and corner cleaner combinations as the initial stages of automation is not unexpected, but the automation technology ends when the sashes are combined with the outer frames or when the frames require factory glazing. However, by using straightforward techniques like adding positioning and drill jigs, employing specialised hardware tables, upright glazing frames, transport and storage racks, etc., every operation in fabrication can be made more efficient. Even though they are occasionally neglected, those comparatively small investments are easy to forget.

Projects Lauded Publically for Their Facades

We have successfully completed various large projects of which the façades have been publically appreciated. A few examples are, Kohinoor Square Mumbai – 1,00,000 sqm of façade area, World One – 85,000 sqm of façade, IndiaBulls Blu – 80,000 sqm of the façade, Antilia Residence in Mumbai, Bagmane Goldstone in Bangalore, THE 42 in Kolkata, Oberoi 360 in Mumbai, JW Marriot in Kolkata, Mondeal Heights in Ahmedabad, The Capital BKC in Mumbai, Wipro IT Sez in Bangalore and many more projects across the country.

Rounaq K. Choudhari, Micasa Luxuries

Founder and Managing Director

Rounaq Choudhari is a Founder and Managing Director of Micasa Luxuries and also the Director of Glass Wall Systems Pvt. Ltd. At a young age, he is not only a successful entrepreneur but also looks out for society as a whole. After obtaining his Master’s degree from the University of Bath (UK) and gaining hands on experience from the bottom up, he branched out on his own and became a Director at Glass Wall System India PVT LTD. Rounaq is at the forefront of the façade industry and an innovator at the age of 24. He joined the business at the age of 22 and has successfully managed and completed various projects in just 1 and a half years, achieving something at his age that never happened before in the façade industry. He is a quick learner and very passionate about his work. He is always striving to set up a trend in futuristic technology within the building façade industry. He has also been successful in executing the “World’s Largest Smart Glass Project-Bagmane Rio.”

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