Rounaq K. Choudhari

Founder and Managing Director

Rounaq Choudhari is a Founder and Managing Director of Micasa Luxuries and also the Director of Glass Wall Systems Pvt. Ltd. At a young age, he is not only a successful entrepreneur but also looks out for society as a whole. After obtaining his Master’s degree from the University of Bath (UK) and gaining hands on experience from the bottom up, he branched out on his own and became a Director at Glass Wall System India PVT LTD. Rounaq is at the forefront of the façade industry and an innovator at the age of 24. He joined the business at the age of 22 and has successfully managed and completed various projects in just 1 and a half years, achieving something at his age that never happened before in the façade industry. He is a quick learner and very passionate about his work. He is always striving to set up a trend in futuristic technology within the building façade industry. He has also been successful in executing the “World’s Largest Smart Glass Project-Bagmane Rio.”

Articles By Rounaq K. Choudhari