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the meaning of Carbon Footprint?


Carbon Footprint is the emission of a set of Greenhouse gases mainly Carbon di oxide by human beings, their organizations and their activities. The most common man made greenhouse gas is Carbon dioxide and footprint implies the impact that these gases have on our planet.

Carbon dioxide is primarily emitted during the daily activities and use of material goods.  The human activities that emit greenhouse gases through direct and indirect emissions  include transport, burning of fuel, use of electrical gadgets, construction, manufacturing and degradation of used products to name a few.

Carbon Footprint Types

The Carbon footprints can be classified into two types namely –

Primary Footprint

The direct activities done by humans which include driving of cars, burning of fuel, use of electricity, heating is known as Primary footprint.

Secondary Footprint

The indirect activities of humans include manufacturing of clothing, shoes, food, etc. The process of transportation of the manufactured goods and disposal of the goods after use is known as the Secondary footprint.

An increase in greenhouse gases due to manmade activities and natural phenomenon is resulting in global warming and an increase in natural disasters. Hence it has to be our prime concern to reduce the carbon footprint caused by from our daily activities so as to restore the balance in our planet.

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