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Fischer Cast-In Channel with ETA Approval


As a leading supplier of secure and economic construction fixings, the fischer Group of Companies is shaping the future of the fixings industry. We have developed trends, such as advancing digitalisation or Building Information Modelling, into solutions for the buildings of the future. Increasing demands on planning security are changing the requirements placed on fixing technology.

Our innovative Cast-In Channel System provides answers to these new conditions. We are the first company to offer anchor channels with an ETA approval in the third load direction. fischer’s portfolio comprises FES C cold-formed and FES H hot-rolled channels in a hot-dip galvanised variant. Advantages – The preinstalled anchor significantly reduces the total operating costs when combined with Building Information Modelling. The fischer Cast-In Channel systems achieve this thanks to the low follow-on costs with every additional fixing. Its simple installation no longer requires time- and energy-consuming drilling in challenging circumstances such as heavily reinforced concrete.

With no drill dust and without requiring heavy machinery, the fischer Cast-In Channel system offers further advantages in terms of health and safety and environmental management – advantages which are noticeable from the very first application.

fischer Cast-in Channel system usually refer to cold formed or hot rolled channels with anchors of either I-shaped or round type welded or riveted to the channels. Nail holes in the channel aid the fixing of channel to wooden or other material formwork, inside the channel there are special form of fillers to prevent the ingress of concrete during casting process. After that, the formwork and the fillers can be easily removed, and the specially designed channel bolt are used to connect various attached items.

Suitable for using in – façade, elevators fastening, MEP applications, machine and shelf fastening, MEP applications, elevators fastening, traffic signs fastening, evacuation platform fastening, security fence fastening, noise & safety barrier fastening, structures/blocks connections, facilities fastening, stadium construction (seat fastening, fastening of Precast elements & supply lines), cable cars, and airports.

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Sudhakar uPVC Windows and Doors

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