While building homes, people today give utmost priority to their eco-friendliness as it is directly related to health and fitness. The reason behind this thought is the rising pollution that has made our lives difficult. Today, clean air has become a scarce resource due to the continuous production of poisonous gases. The situation becomes worse with the onset of winter when crop burning in some states results in high AQI levels. In the end, this forces us to remain confined within the four walls of our homes to avoid inhaling hazardous gases. Indeed, creating eco-friendly homes is the solution to this problem.

One of the best ways to make your home eco-friendly is by using uPVC products like windows and doors that allow you to get in touch with nature. These products are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly and sustainable. uPVC windows and doors that are designed keeping in mind Indian climatic conditions and the insulation requirements are a need of the hour. Let’s understand how they can help you create the home of your dreams.

Good indoor air quality

uPVCs’ excellent sealing protects your home from outside dust and smoke. They don’t allow pollutants to enter the home, thereby reducing health hazards and improving air quality.

uPVC doors and window’s excellent sealing protects your home from outside dust and smoke
uPVC doors and window’s excellent sealing protects your home from outside dust and smoke

Effective insulation 

uPVC windows and doors are poor conductors of heat and offer a perfect all-year-round insulation solution for maintaining the interior temperature. Being a poor conductor of heat, uPVC proves to be the best solution to keep scorching rays of sun and sweltering outside, in the hot summer months. Similarly, during winters, it maintains the warmth of the room within by preventing the chillness from flowing inside. This not only reduces energy consumption and energy bills but also boosts the environment. Also, for monsoon-proofing your house, it is a great choice to opt for high-speed wind and water-seepage-resistant uPVC fenestration products.


It is the most alluring feature of uPVC doors and windows. They are 100% recyclable and retain their characteristics even after recycling. Even the waste material generated during manufacturing can be recycled and reused.

Lower maintenance 

Another factor of uPVC that boosts its position as an eco-friendly material is lower maintenance. They don’t need repairing, sanding, or repainting for which harmful chemicals are used, affecting indoor air quality. With uPVC doors and windows, you remain free from the worries of maintenance or replacement.

uPVC doors and windows are waterproof and weather-proof solutions
uPVC doors and windows are waterproof and weather-proof solutions


When it comes to durability, uPVC doors and windows beat traditional window materials. As they are waterproof and weather-proof solutions, they don’t have any negative or decaying effects caused by these factors. Also, they are resistant to sunlight, oxidation, harmful chemicals, fire, and frost. Hence, they retain their original shapes and sizes for years.

Environment friendly 

uPVC has a lower environmental impact in its production. Owing to these properties, uPVC windows and doors score over traditional materials such as wood or steel in terms of dust protection, sound insulation, and heat reduction and have become the first choice for homeowners. They not only protect from extreme weather or environmental conditions but also enhance the indoor environment and aesthetic beauty.

They are available in a range of designs. With your home equipped with eco-friendly windows and doors, you can turn the environment-induced worries into happiness and ensure the best quality of air indoors while taking care of your health and coming close to nature.

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