Abdulmajid Karanouh

International Director and Head of Interdisciplinary Design & Innovation

Abdulmajid Karanouh with a background in Architecture (BSc), Computation (MSc), Engineering (MSc) and Design Communication (PhD), he has developed over the past 20 years from a passionate specialist in complex architecture into an inter-disciplinary design lead in the built environment. His journey includes working on some of the largest masterplans in the world and on many record-breaking and award-winning projects involving high-profile organisations in Europe, the Middle East, and South East Asia. He is especially focused developing context-considerate integrated urban solutions and innovative buildings systems using BIM-augmented algorithmic thinking and computation. Abdulmajid Karanouh currently heads the Interdisciplinary Design & Innovation group at Drees & Sommer.

Articles By Abdulmajid Karanouh